Learning the Art of Speech and Speaking

There will always come a time in life when you will be presented in front of a crowd to deliver a speech, to express your opinion and to share your ideas. Unfortunately not each and every one of us is trained in that way where we are able to portray our point across an audience or crowd because we have little to no experience behind it. In all honesty, it is not easy because we all have our own fears and speaking in front of huge crowds is not easy anyway. Especially when you are representing something that is of value and importance then the last thing you want to do is mess it up. To be fair we all can transform into good speakers and can learn the art of public speaking. It is not very complex to master and is very much possible to achieve. For example, are there certain tips and tricks that can help you feel more comfortable on stage or what to do when you have forgotten what to say? In this piece, we will teach you everything and explain how you can establish yourself as an excellent speaker and conduct speeches without any problem.

It is okay to be frightened:

Large crowds can make people anxious of course. Even the vicinity of more than 200 people can be deemed as scary especially when such social environments make you feel uncomfortable. Let alone thinking of climbing and addressing them when you already feel so scared and frightened. Well, do not worry seeing that it is absolutely normal. Here is a little secret that no one tells you, even the best and the most confident speakers often carry a sense of discomfort and a little increased heartbeat when delivering a speech. It must seem to as when listening to the prime minister or the president on TV speaking their heart out it is the easiest thing in the world when it is not true. Fear is instilled into us and at some point, we all want to make the best impression or at least secure that nothing would go wrong. So when preparing to go up on the stage to speak, remember that if you feel a bit anxious and scared then it is okay seeing that it is totally normal. Remember to act confident and keep telling yourself that you can do this!

Phase your fear out:

One tactic that public speakers use to make themselves more comfortable on stage is by phasing their fear out. This means to be so engulfed in what you’re saying that you forget the fact that you are standing in front of 100 people in what can be called a scary avenue. Frame it as that you are not really giving a speech but a sermon where you are educating the people. The idea that you stand above and they stand below is a representation of the fact that you are the smarter one and they are to listen to what you are saying. This is why you should take yourself seriously on the stage and respect the point you make. Assume that what you are doing is more important than anything else and that the message being portrayed is of utmost credibility. Put your effort, energy and dedication into what you are saying because you want to make sure it is strong and you will forget that you were even scared when approaching the podium. Use your speech and power to phase your fear out,  according to all leadership keynote speakers use the same strategy and it works perfectly.

Never go unprepared:

A huge mistake most people make when they are supposed to be presenting is that they do not go prepared. This is probably the worst thing you can do because it is most obviously going to backfire. You cannot be a banker and sit among car specialists and discuss their topic of interest with them when you have little to no information on the niche and nature of the conversation. In similar terms, you can never approach the podium without not being ready for what you are going to speak. There are several stages and ways you can do that. If you are too lazy to prepare a whole speech and memorize it, then write bullet points on a piece of paper and rehearse what you are going to say a few times. If not then for the least you have to sit down for 5 minutes and think about what you are going to say and how are you going to frame it. The most experienced and best speakers do not usually prepare anything but do think of what they are going to speak and in what style. For newbies, the best idea is to write the whole speech and memorize it. By time as you grow to experience the need for it will drop down too and you can move to bullet points.

Use hand gestures for excellency:

It cannot be expressed enough as to how important can hand gestures prove to be when you are making a speech or aim to portray a point. Not only that but it is an amazing confidence booster and helps you grow into more in your own speech. Practice your expressions to act as you do when in a normal conversation with your hands. Our hands would move automatically because we want to be expressed. So do not shy away from moving your hands in whatever direction they are going, considering that these hand gestures are of immense value and add that extra touch and value to what you are saying.

Connect with the audience:

Last but not the least, connect with the audience. At the end of the day, you are the speaker and they are the listeners. You would want them to hear what you are saying and form a connection with them. The entire idea of the speech is pretty much useless if your message does not reach the people that you are addressing too. Form eye contact because that will make you feel that you are in an actual conversation, it will not only instill confidence in you but make your audience feel like they are conversing with you. Other than that try manipulating your facial expressions because that works like magic. It will make you emphasize your points more and make you feel that the facts you are displaying are of necessity.

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