Kardashian’s Extreme Rules for Giving Birth

The Kardashians impose strict rules when they give birth. Their personal doctor has to fulfill a lot of obligations because when it’s about their children, there’s no such thing as “too much”. This is freaking me out. Khloe and Kylie requested 1,000 thread count sheets in light grey, specifically. They wanted to feel at home. They also asked to have their makeup and hair done since the deliveries were documented. This is not allowed in hospitals, but orders are orders.

Believe it or not, the Kardashians have their private moments. Kylie’s pregnancy has been the best-kept secret of our generation. She tried really hard to hide her pregnancy from the world, so she rented an entire floor of the hospital for herself. Kim did the same thing when Saint was born.

No medical personnel involved with deliveries may use their phone to avoid leaks of information or photos. And for added security, they must sign non-disclosure agreements.

But not everything is private, Kourtney and Khloe let their deliveries be broadcast on TV. Working in a delivery room is complicated, more so with a camera crew in there. Another rule they break is the number of family members inside the delivery room. For them, it’s a tradition to have a large number of people to witness the birth. Besides family members and cameraman, the doctors also have to deal with the drama of the reality.

When Khloe was about to give birth, the scandal of Tristan’s infidelities broke.

And Kim had her medical complications exposed during her first pregnancy. I just don’t understand. It hurts so bad. When she gave birth, Khloe was surrounded by private security guards. Besides delivering the baby, the hospital staff has extra duties, like helping the mother and baby leave the place, sneaking off into the night. And it’s the responsibility of the institution that everything goes well.

The same goes for fulfilling the Kardashian’s cravings. As Kylie prepared to give birth to Stormi, she asked for a candy bar. Khloe Kardashian adopted a vegetarian diet during her pregnancy. So at the hospital, they had to be careful with her meals. These demands may seem extravagant, but not for a Kardashian. Do you think they exaggerate?