J.Lo and Marc Antony had the Most “Beautiful” Divorce

It’s hard to believe the way this divorce happened, and it represents a great lesson to couples who are facing a crisis. We were sure that Jennifer Lopez and Marc were the perfect couple, but their divorce in 2011 showed that love is unpredictable even though Marc confessed his love for her from the day he met her.

“One day, you’re going to be my wife.” The tragic thing was that Marc was also the first to say he wasn’t happy, and that showed Jeniffer the true cause of her constant anxiety.

“Because I haven’t been happy for a long time, and I’m not facing it, and he was brave enough to say it first.”

Jennifer made the hardest decision of her life and asked for a divorce, which happened in such a peaceful way that even she was surprised. “When I said it to him, I kind of wished that he would’ve been like: “No way!” But he knew it too, and he was like: “Ok,” and I was like:” Ok.”

The singers realized that their chemistry had faded, but that didn’t mean they didn’t love each other anymore or that they regretted it. With their divorce still fresh, they worked on a really show together and the world was shocked to see there were no hard feelings between them.

“Always made each other laugh, you know? Don’t take things too seriously, just always busting each other’s chops. It’s pretty much how it was. Being mindful of each other’s feelings was the key to their successful divorce.”

Besides, they both fell for each other’s genuine personality. Although they don’t love each other like husband and wife, they still respect and consider the other their best friend.

J.Lo and Marc still work together because they also admire one another as artists and that collaboration made the divorce easy for their twins, Emme and Max.

“The kids, they get to spend time with the two of us more together and see us working together. It’s good for them, good for us. ”

Her relationship with her ex is so good that Marc is friends with Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer’s fiance and that now lives with the twins. It’s not strange to see them together at important family events, and J.Lo congratulates both her fiancé and her ex on Father’s Day. But won’t Marc be jealous of sharing his kids with Alex? It’s possible to be civil, and mature, and adult about it. Period. Marc and J.Lo show how important it is to be friends with your partner, so you appreciate and respect each other no matter how long love lasts.