Jennifer Pamplona Shows you How to Wash your Hands Properly to Avoid Coronavirus

A former Versace model Jennifer Pamplona is concerned about the coronavirus (as we all are), so she decided to use her platform to spread awareness about the importance of washing your hands properly.


Brazilian-born recorded a video in which she shows us exactly how to do it. She did not record her face, but we can see her long black hair in the corner and her perfectly done nails, of course!


Even though this beauty usually posts hot pictures of her curves, we are glad that she decided to share something educational with her followers.

However, the fans had mixed feelings about this. Some appreciate her effort to do something good for the world while others criticize her, saying that this is completely unnecessary since everyone already knows this. There are also comments saying that her nails are too long which is not hygienic.


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@fashiontv #ftvsexyhandwash #corona #coronaout I just want give you all some motivation.

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