Blood Types Most Affected by Coronavirus

A chinese research team has concluded that people with blood type A (II) are the most vulnerable to
coronavirus, while blood type O is the most resilient. This research has been published on a website
called “medRxiv”.

This conclusion was made after observing 2000 patients from Wuhan and Shenzhen, and analyzing 3700
citizens of Wuhan not infected with coronavirus.

The majority of coronavirus positive Wuhan residents are blood type A (38%), followed by blood type B
(26,4%), O (25,8), and AB (10%). Scientists have verified this by examining 398 more cases and getting
the same results.

It’s important to note that the blood type prevalence of the citizens of Wuhan is, as follows:
O-34%, A (II)-32%, B (III)-25%, AB (IV)-9%.

Thus, the research has shown that, proportionately to the prevalence of blood types, COVID-19 has
been observed the least in patients with blood type O.