Industries That Benefit From Corona Virus


Seeing the positive amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is a tough thing to do, as its confirmed cases rise and negative headlines are floating everywhere. And not to mention, a myriad of companies are losing profit because they were forced to temporarily shut their business down.

While all of these are true, not every business is floating on the sea of red, because some industries are flagging money as they have been the major beneficiaries of this on-going pandemic. They are so-called the “winning” sectors during this outbreak. Here is the list of the industries that benefit from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ironically one of the Industries that is in major trouble during these times despite increased demand is the credit sector. John Anderson from NowLoan suggests that although many people are in need of a loan to tide them over, lenders are unable to lend due to job insecurity of borrowers.

E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce giants Amazon, E-bay, Alibaba, and many more are having massive growth in their revenue as more and more people shift to online marketplaces to do their shopping. As a matter of fact, the company Amazon has listed an additional 100,000 job hiring to meet the increasing demand for their marketplace.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry played a huge role in meeting the increasing demand for medicine for the rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases all over the world. Businesses that produce medicines, vaccines, testing kids, etc. are all considered to be beneficiaries.

Logistics and Delivery Industry

As government and health sectors impose self-quarantine and social distancing protocols, more and more people are forced to stay in their homes to prevent the further spread of the contagious COVID-19 disease. As a result of this, the demand for product and service delivery has increased more than ever. As a matter of fact, the UK food delivery application Deliveroo has already launched a “no-contact drop-off service”, wherein restaurants are opted to include additional packaging and food seals for every order that will be left on the customers’ doorsteps, without any physical contact with the deliverer.

Video Conferencing Industry

The new industry player in the video conferencing world, Zoom has already benefited a lot during this COVID-19 outbreak. As of the early months of 2020, its sales and share price sky-rocketed to over 50%. Other video conferencing companies such as Skype, Teams and Webex from Cisco have also seen an incredible increase in their overall sales. Most of these companies are offering a variety of special deals to their users for the video conferencing services that they offer.

Entertainment Industry (Online Gaming & Streaming)

As people abide by these self-isolating protocols imposed, online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video have significantly become the primary source of entertainment for many. Aside from online streaming platforms, online gaming platforms are also booming in demand ever since the start of this self-isolation protocol.

In Conclusion

These industries have found themselves unexpectedly on the right track of course during this COVID-19 pandemic. The prevalent reason for this is because the following industries written above offer essential products and/or services that people need during this time of crisis where everyone is bound to stay at home at all times.