How to Sell a Car for Parts – Important Facts You Should Know

Your vehicle has been a special part of you for a very long time. However, there comes a time in the life of your car, where you will have to let it go. Repairs can add up, leaving you in the hole financially. Sometimes, you are better off selling your car for parts than you are to fix it.

Should You Repair or Replace?

When you are determining whether or not you should sell your car, you should take a bit of time to figure out what you should do. Emotional attachment will play a big role, so you will need to work on that. Try to detach yourself from the car.

You will first want to price out what you are going to have to pay to repair your car. Consider the cost of the part for the repair, as well as any labor. You could save money by fixing your car yourself, but if you do not know what you are doing, you could significantly damage your car. Take a look at what you can spend on repairing your car. Take into consideration that the car may have other breakdowns in the future. If the car is going to be super expensive, it is time to learn where to sell car parts so that you are no longer stuck with the junk car.

How to Sell a Car for Parts

Once you have decided to sell your car, you will need to learn how to sell a car for parts. You have several ways that you can do this. The very first thing that you will need before selling junk cars for cash is to make sure that you have a clean title.

Having a clean title will allow you to transfer ownership over to the company or person that purchases your car. A clean title means that there are no liens or legal claims against your vehicle. If you do not have a clean title, you can get a salvage title, but there may be different rules in your area. Make sure you check this out before you go to sell your junk car.

Selling to Junkyards or Salvage Yards

When considering how to sell a car for parts, think about calling some of your local junkyards or salvage yards. They may be willing to pay you for your vehicle. Some junkyards will often offer to pick up your car. You can also get a quote over the phone on how much they will be willing to pay for your vehicle.

Selling Online

Another popular way to sell my junk car is to advertise the vehicle on social media and online sites like Craigslist. There you can tell people exactly what is wrong with the car, and what parts may still be good in the car. You can pick the price point that you want for the vehicle. This allows you to reach a broad variety of people.

You may also want to take the time to look for website forums for the car that you have. For instance, if you have a Ford F-150 that is needing to be parted out, you can find a website online where you can offer the vehicle up for sale.

Selling the Parts Yourself

Another way that you can sell the car parts is that you can part the car out yourself. You will need the tools as well as the experience to remove each part. You will also need to make sure that you do not break any of the parts when removing them. Once you do have the parts off, you can sell online as well as locally.

Getting a Fair Price

One of the most important things that you must learn when learning how to sell a car for parts is to make sure that you get a fair price. So many people just take whatever they can get without finding out more. You should look online to see what the parts are going for. Type in your vehicle’s make and model along with the part. This will give you an accurate idea of how much you should get for your vehicle. In learning how to sell a car for parts, you will quickly learn that you need to make sure that you get the right price. You do not want to list the car for sale, sell it, and then see a week later that someone else sold the parts or vehicle for double the amount that you received.

If you are going to sell the parts yourself, you should consider putting your time into the cost of the part. Especially if you are removing, cleaning, and then listing the part for sale. You may spend a bit of time trying to sell your parts. This should be part of your consideration when deciding whether or not you are going to sell the parts yourself or have someone by the entire vehicle.

If your car needs expensive repairs, you might want to consider selling it for junk to the companies like This can give you extra cash to go towards another car, and you will save money in the long run. Before you sell, you will need to consider how you want to sell the car for parts. You can have someone come to purchase the car or you can sell it to a junk dealer or someone else. You will need to consider how quickly you will need to purchase another vehicle as well as how much you want for the parts. Take your time to consider what you want to do before listing your vehicle or parts for sale.