Stress Management & Flotation Tank Therapy

Stress is among the most common ‘ailment’ that the majority of the global population suffers from. Even children are not spared from this ailment’s mental impact.

In most case scenarios people ‘appoint’ stress unto themselves either because of juggling their work-life balance, relationship-based stress, disappointment due to underachievement or because of a missed opportunity. Stress creeps into most people through the tiniest cracks and based on a report released by the American Medical Association, about 60% of illnesses that people are affected by could be directly linked to stress.

Stress is also directly associated with the top 5 causes of fatality in general which includes cardiac diseases, stroke, and various form of cancer. Some studies also indicate that stress is a major contributor towards work and automobile related accidents.

Research shows that in general, the global population spend billions upon billions of dollars to cope with stress, but to no avail as the ‘medication based solution’ to the problem is temporary and some think that this is done on purpose by pharmaceuticals in order to maximise profit.

Fortunately enough, dedicated medical professionals have turned their attention away from prescription drugs to handle the issue and often point their patients towards Restricted Environment Stimulation Therapy or R.E.S.T otherwise also known as Float Tank Therapy.

Based on empirical evidence, R.E.S.T or floatation therapy is a natural prescription for stress relief. It was found during clinical trials that float therapy is not just safe but also a natural and holistic approach to treating stress and anxiety. The weightless environment of a float tank combined with total darkness and quiet indices sensory reduction which ‘quietens the brain’ which means that the ‘floater’s mind and body ‘let’s go’, unplugs and go into a complete state of deep relaxation.

This decreases anxiety and depression significantly and enhances the production of ‘feel good’ chemicals in our bodies which includes serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins which naturally increases our optimism which in turn reduces stress levels due to the reduction of Cortisol.

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Based on scientific research, floatation tank sessions offers a form of meditation which enhances the ability for our bodies to relax point-to-point naturally. This causes the stress hormone Cortisol to be reduced significantly (cortisol which is a hormone that is produced internally and released in the bloodstream during stressful periods), this is the main issue with stress as Cortisol impedes biological functions which include among others the alteration of our immune system responses, digestive systems, reproductive mechanisms, and growth processes. Apart from that, floatation therapy also handles issues of magnesium deficiency which many people suffer from.

This deficiency is eradicated during floatation therapy simply because the Epsom Salt solution used in floatation tanks contain high levels of magnesium which is absorbed through our skin and replenishes the amount of magnesium in our bodies which enhances the body’s ability to produce serotonin which is a mood-elevating chemical in our brain that is critical towards combating depression and anxiety.

Last, but not least, flotation therapy is not just an effective and pleasurable option to combat stress, it is also much more cost effective!