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How to bathe your baby safely

Babies love to play in the water and make you smile with their innocent excitement.  The gestures and enthusiasm of the baby are always very entertaining and sends vibes of love and emotions to mother, but you can’t afford to be carried away. You must be very careful while giving bathe to your baby.

Never leave your baby in the water

The first and foremost rule about bathing your baby is not to leave your baby alone in the water.  Either you should hold the baby or watch him in water all the time. Baby can slip any time and drown in water instantly even when he is in bath support or seat.  Babies don’t struggle or splash water or make noise. They can drown even in 3cm deep water. So never ever leave your baby alone near water or in the water.

Make sure the temperature of the water is moderate

The next thing to take care of is the temperature of the water with which you are going to do the bathing of the baby. The temperature of the water should be moderate enough for a bath. It should neither be hot nor be cold.

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Mix the hot and cold water

According to My Girly Names, you should first take cold water and then pour hot water in the bath. Mix hot and cold water well to acquire the moderate temperature of the water. You can put your elbow in water to gauge the temperature in the bath to make sure it is of mild comfortable temperature for the baby. Avoid using your hand for gauging temperature.

Use thermometer for gauging water temperature

You can also use the thermometer to gauge the temperature of the water. There are many toy thermometers available in the market. If you are using thermometer then the temperature of the water should be 36 or 37 degrees because it is the normal temperature of the body also.

Make sure taps are closed

Never put your baby in bath while water is still flowing from taps. The temperature of the water can change quickly which can cause the scales to your baby.

Hold the baby firmly

While giving bathe to your baby, always keep in mind that baby can slip from your hand any time so make sure your baby is in your full control and for this, you should hold baby firmly. You should be very careful while lowering your baby in the water. Hold the baby firmly but softly. There should be one hand under the bottom of the baby and another hand should be behind the neck and shoulders of the baby.

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Always keep the head of the baby above water. After making the baby sit in the water you can bathe him by one hand and use the other for holding him firmly. Make sure taps are closed and baby is not able to turn on any tap. If you are using your big home bath then it is better to place matt on the surface of the bath to avoid the slipping of the baby.

Bathe support

You can have to bathe support like cradle bath available in the market if you feel holding a baby is quite difficult for you while giving him bathe.

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