How Much Can Drivers Ed Save You on Car Insurance?


A driver’s ED or a driver’s education course can often get you a discount on your car insurance. However, it may serve well to keep in mind that a limited number of insurers will honor this. Therefore, it makes sense to confirm with your insurer if they will consider a driver’s education course for a discount on your car insurance.

In many cases, insurance companies have a set of criteria that needs to be matched for the discount to be effective. This may include the type of driving courses that you take. While taking some courses may result in a discount on car insurance, other courses might not be acceptable. But if your driver’s education course is valid, you can simply pass the course and procure the certificate from the insurer to claim the discount.

In this article, we shall answer the question, “how much does drivers ed save on insurance?”, as well as the benefits of taking a driver’s ed class. If you wish to know all about car insurance in Windsor, head over to Surex for high-quality quotes from some of the province’s top-rated insurers.

What is a driver’s ed class?

Driver’s ED (also known as driving lessons, driving tuition, driving education, driver education, or driver’s education), aims to train new drivers to be eligible for a learner’s license or a driving license.

Other than new drivers, experienced drivers can still take this course to take a refresher course, a medically assessed driving test, or even an overseas license. The course may be taken online or onsite in a vehicle, a classroom, or any combination of these.

  • A driver’s ed is supposed to prepare you for real-world driving conditions. The course typically consists of a sequence of instructional videos that demonstrate the consequences of failing to stick to rules.
  • It will also demonstrate suitable strategies for driving in hazardous weather, driver impairments, and challenging road conditions.
  • You also get a comprehensive lowdown on vehicle details and operation alongside traffic laws, codes, and desirable conduct.

Finally, the course prepares you for the government-mandated driver’s test wherein you operate a vehicle fitted with dual controls. This includes a set of additional breaks and other controls fitted on the passenger’s side of the vehicle to be used by an instructor that sits inside the vehicle with you. The driver’s ed course supplements the knowledge contained within legally printed driving manuals or handbooks and helps you achieve a learner’s permit or a driver’s license.

It is worth keeping in mind that even though the number of online courses has grown significantly in recent times, these may not come with a bundled real-life driving component. And while driver’s ed is meant to prepare you for the real thing, many provinces have mandated the completion of driver’s ed before you can be eligible for any kind of license.

Getting a car insurance discount with driver’s ed

Getting a car insurance discount with driver’s ed

The first step towards ensuring a car insurance discount is to find an approved class. While finding the right class that matches the insurer’s criteria can be overwhelming, one need not worry too much. Several methods will help you find the right driving course; you just need the know-how.

  • First of all, if you are a teen who is still enrolled in a high school, your school may offer a driver’s ed. This will simplify things to a great degree and is definitely worth a consideration.
  • If, however, your high school does not offer a direct driver’s ed, they still should be able to give you valuable suggestions about eligible courses that are available in your locality.
  • Most private driver’s ed classes available in and around your area are geared towards teens learning the ropes for the first time.
  • For adults, there is an array of courses that can help you get the much-needed refresher on the existing driving skills, further upskilling them to be better and safer drivers.
  • And finally, do not forget to consult your preferred insurer for their suggestions. Most insurance agents and brokers will likely be aware of the specific courses that will help you get the discount.
  • Also, remember to ask explicitly what the discount will look like once you have completed the course. This will also help you compare around and get the best available deal.

The many benefits of driver’s ed


When you take driving lessons, there are many benefits on a financial as well as a personal level. We have listed a few below:

Rigorous practice

When you pay to learn driving by attending classes, the drive to go for regular lessons becomes significantly higher. You end up gaining valuable practice hours on different road types and conditions that are extremely useful for your license test.

Lower car insurance rates

You’re likely wondering “how much money does drivers ed save on car insurance?”.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a set number, as the discount is influenced by a number of personalized variables.

If you really want to learn how much does drivers ed save on insurance Ontario, be sure to contact your insurance advisor.

Knowledge of driving

Of course, just like all other courses, driver’s ed is aimed at education. Just reading the manual or the handbook may not cut driving. A driving instructor also shares tidbits of their extensive real-world driving experience, further bolstering your knowledge even before you get started.

Enhanced safety

And finally, this is what it is about ultimately. With diligent training from a reputed driving school, you become an expert driver who is proficient as well as safe on the road. Driving schools are a great way to learn defensive driving and the needed precautions to avoid an on-road incident at all costs. You get trained across different road and weather types to make sure you stay aware and secure.


Completing a driving school is dependent on your skill level as a driver. Based on where you stand, you may have to be enrolled for several months or just a few weeks to become a competent driver. And even though a mature driver learns faster, a teenage newbie has much to explore and experience in their life ahead.

Ultimately, driver’s education is about safety and being a good driver. The fact that it helps you get a discount on your car insurance is just the cherry on top.