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How Jared Maples Schooled The College Educational System 

Jared Maples (check his Instagram account here) is a serial entrepreneur that started in the business when he was only 18 years old. He quickly started to network with people of influence. As he started making serious connections he got into a deal that was simply too good to be true which resulted in his partner scamming him and draining everything from his accounts which left Jared broke and bitter.

In the next few years, Maples would go on to start and stop various different ventures that were failures but he accepted them as opportunities that will help him learn and grow from all the mistakes he made and all the mistakes made by the people around him.

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Today both his wife Sharaya and Jared have an organization with about 30,000 customers and distributors all around the world. Jared has spoken on stages all over the United States as they grow and lead an 8 figure annual sales organization that spans over 15 countries.

Jared says that his success would not be possible without all his failures in his early years in business. Those failures that left him burned have also humbled him and taught him patience so he could learn to serve and help others get what they want or need before they ever concern about what he wants.

One of his favorite quotes is from Zig Ziglar “You will get all you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.” Jared claims that by living through this principle he has turned his life around from once broken and burned to blessed and giving back more than ever.


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Early in his entrepreneurial days, Jared Maples, worked completely by himself, for himself because of multiple reasons but one reason, in particular, was so he could control all of the aspects of what was happening without all of the possible variables that enter with a team or staff.

His “solopreneur” ways were good to him for a season but over time he realized that he would go much further and quicker with a good team beside him. He knew that he was created to duplicate what he had become good at. After some time, his team started growing bigger and bigger. After four and a half years in their business, Jared and Sharaya (his wife) managed to build a team of around 30,000 distributors and customers across 15 different countries that manage to rack up 8 figures in sales yearly.

“Leaders that lean into their people and empower the strengths they have identified, they will succeed far greater and enjoy life with time freedom.” Maples believes that are thousands of different types of people with different strengths.

Jared shared, “Early on in our build I was asked if I would rather have 100% of my own efforts or 1% of 100 people’s efforts…It blew my mind that I could have a business where I duplicated my skill set through training and I could now leverage hundreds and thousands of others networks and relationships I would have never met otherwise.”

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