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How does PMP help in your Career Progression as a Project Manager?


There are many surveys, which have shown the result that around ¾ of the projects are being handled by the PMP certified project managers all over the world. The companies who have PMP certified project managers are more successful than those who do not possess such experts. The PMP certification has become much popular and every person who wants to become a project manager is applying for it.

Project management is used in every business as there are many projects that are going on and many new ones will come. So the managers will always have an opportunity in one or the other industry. It has been estimated that the demand for the project managers will increase as per the need of the projects.

The graph below will show the need for project managers in different countries.

This is the reason why people are opting for this exam to get recognized and earn a high position along with a good pay scale. Professionals and beginners, both can look upon a PMP certification online course to enhance their skills and knowledge regarding project management to become the future project managers.

Now let us know more about PMP, its certification, benefits and different areas of the field to work in. Take a look:

The PMP Certification and Its Benefits

Project Management Professional or PMP certification is offered by a professional organization in the USA called Project Management Institute. The candidates who want to become project managers and get a boost in their career should take the exam.

The guide used to prepare this exam is PMBOK or Project Management Body of Knowledge. The test is based on five domains listed below:

  • Project initiation
  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Project monitoring and closing
  • Project closing
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There are 200 multiple choice questions which the candidates have to answer. The candidates are not allowed to take any material inside the exam room. There are many problems related to PMP certification, which are discussed here.

  • Cost of the exam
  • Difficulty in preparation
  • Time-consuming

Benefits to Reap:

In spite of these problems, people like to take the exam because of the following benefits:

  • Value is added to the resume when PMP certification is mentioned.
  • The industries recognize the candidates having this certification
  • The candidate learns essential skills related to project management.
  • PMP certified professionals earn a handsome salary.
  • The employers know that a PMP certified professional is very dedicated to the job as he has done a lot of hard work to gain the certification.

Industries in which Project management is needed

There are many industries, which require project managers and PMP professionals who can work in any of these industries. Take a rundown:

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1. Engineering

Project management has a good scope in engineering industry. Engineers who have pursued PMP certification have the responsibility to keep the engineers focused. These PMPs have to communicate with the clients to know about their need and requirement. The project managers then guide the engineers to develop the product, which should be delivered on time and should also be in the budget.

The engineering PMPs are satisfied after seeing the end product. These products can be a computer, a bridge, a satellite or any other thing. The main thing needed in such projects is that the PMPs must have the knowledge of the product to be developed because they can guide others only when they have the knowledge.

2. Aerospace

The project management professionals can also work in aerospace industry where they have to manage the projects related to the manufacturing of the aircraft. The managers work with designers and engineers to confirm that the product has been developed and delivered successfully on time and within the budget. The main areas on which the managers have to focus on are risk management and quality control.

The project manager must have knowledge about the aerospace industry, aerospace system, and new aircraft design and functions. The aircraft are made using the latest technology. There are many moving parts, which are to be developed and assembled in the aircraft. So project managers are required to possess deep knowledge of these parts. This is the reason that this industry needs a lot of project managers and if they are PMP certified, they will be given priority in comparison to the non-PMPs.

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3. Consulting

Project manager related to consulting is different from a project management consultant. The project manager has to work in a company while the consultant has specialization only in project management. The project manager has to work with environmental engineers and sales manager to achieve the goals set by the company.

The primary goal of the project manager is to become a source of furnishing the company’s expertise and knowledge. This will help the clients to know about the company and they can complete their project successfully with the help of the company. The project managers must be well-versed with different types of industries as they will have to handle various types of consulting.

4. Resources

The resources project managers have to work in mining, petroleum, and agriculture. Extraction of natural resources is done in these industries. The project manager working in the agricultural industry has to work with farmers and help them to grow more crops.

The project managers related to mining and petroleum industries should have the knowledge of eliminating wastes that are produced with the production of petroleum or mining products. He also has to check whether the products are being developed within the budget and are being provided to the consumers.

The managers must be ready to travel here and there as they have to see the production and other work at various places.

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5. Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical industry develops many products and the sales have reached around $1.1 trillion. The demand for PMP certified project managers will grow in this industry where they will be able to earn more money.

The managers have to be in touch with doctors, engineers, and researchers to manage product development. They also have to see that the development is done within the budget and everything is being done as per the plan.

The project manager needs to help in finding a cure related to various diseases and save the lives of the people. A PMP certified project manager should also have a degree related to the healthcare industry. He should also know about research in the pharmaceutical industry.

6. Financial services

Project management is also used in financial services in which the project managers have to make plans so that the company works according to the expectations of the customers. The project managers must have knowledge about accounting and spreadsheets.

Along with these, there are many other departments like IT, customer services, and marketing. Each department will need a project manager and so there are many opportunities for the PMP certified project managers in this industry.

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7. Law

Legal project management is also evolving now and the project managers from any background can enter the industry. If the project manager has a degree related to law, then it will be an added advantage for him.

The main work of the manager will be to set the budget for legal work.  The managers have to work with lawyers, solicitors, and other legal specialists to deliver their services on time.

8. Technology

IT sector has many opportunities for project managers as there are many things, which a project manager needs to handle. There are many types of project that are going on this industry and each project requires a project manager so that it could be handled and delivered successfully.

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Wrapping Up

PMP certified professionals have a wide variety of jobs as a project manager. They can work in any industry. The main thing is that besides PMP certification, they should have some knowledge of the industry, which they are joining as this will be very advantageous for them.

The PMP certified professionals are preferred in every industry as they know all the processes of managing a project.

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