Captain Marvel Vs. Wonder Woman: Who is More Powerful?

Both Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are amazing characters who are definitely redefining the protagonist of a comic book movie. The two characters are born fighters who are loyal to their people and cause. However, which one of these characters is more powerful and who will end up being the winner if the two best known female characters fight.

Outfit: Winner Captain Marvel


Both female characters have outstanding uniforms and we’ve seen it on the big screen. However, the winner of this category seems to be Captain Marvel as her uniform actually grew with her character. This might not be a good criterion to determine who would win the fight, but suits are an essence in comic books.

Experience: Winner Wonder Woman


The winner in this category has been determined based on the fact which character has seen more actual wars. Diana, the centuries-old princess of the Amazons, has definitely been in a number of battles, including the ones of modern Justice League, World Wars, and Amazonian battles.

Superpowers: Winner Captain Marvel


Both characters share many same powers, such as speed and super strength. However, Captain Marvel has extra power, known as photon energy.

This is the kind of power which simply cannon be surpassed, not even by Wonder Woman.

Weapons: Winner Wonder Woman


Morality: Winner Captain Marvel

Even though this criterion might not help very much in a fight, but morality is a very important virtue.  Is a hero, but there have been several instances where she picks might over right. On the other hand, Carol has never gone to extremes and thus, she is the winner in this category.

Combat Training: Winner Wonder Woman

Both characters have had extensive combat training, but Carol has gone through a centuries-long existence. She trained for a longer time period which only adds to her training experience.

Armies: Winner Wonder Woman

Even though it sounds unfair to judge a fighter based on their army, but Wonder Woman seems to have the lead here too. The Amazons definitely have the most powerful armies in the universe.

Intelligence: Winner Wonder Woman

Carol is undoubtedly a brilliant and gifted leader.
When we say “intelligence” here, we are specifically referring to the battle-smarts it takes to be a warrior. And in this case, Wonder Woman’s got more than Carol. Yes, Carol’s proven herself a gifted, brilliant leader of the Avengers on countless occasions. But Wonder Woman’s been one of the Justice League’s key strategists for decades.

Without pulling the age card for Diana again, Wonder Woman has been a battle strategist since she was born, brought up in a Sparta-like culture where the Art of War was taught just like any other skill. And because of that, we’ve got to give this one to her.


Captain Marvel Mar-Vell


Wonder Woman’s moral guidance usually comes from an internal place. Yes, she’s got wise figures like Hippolyta in her life, but even the Queen of the Amazons gives pretty bad advice sometimes. On the other hand, Captain Marvel took advice (and the name) from one of the greatest heroes in Marvel history. Mar-Vell was a sage, empathetic teacher and friend, and Carol’s journey would’ve been very different without that guidance. Plus, he never lied to her about her true parentage. Good mentors don’t usually do that.



Nobody’s saying they’d keep either of these characters from being in their side in a fight. Or that we want to fight either of these characters. Ever. But in our estimation of what it takes to be a comic book warrior, Wonder Woman takes a narrow lead over Captain Marvel. But what do you think? Do you agree with our categories, or would you have judged these warriors differently? Let us know in the comments section below!