High Fashion for the Brave – Cyber Punk Fashion Ideas

Along with the birth of Space Age and the fascination with the universe, technology, and futuristic ideas, the cyberpunk movement started in the early 60s. What started as a simple experiment with plastic, synthetic materials and new ingenuities has turned into a popular dystopian aesthetic, especially after the release of mainstream movies such as the Matrix and Blade Runner. If you are brave enough to embrace this alternative style, here are some trends are taken from this year’s runways that are ideal for creating a modernized version of the cyberpunk aesthetic:

Boiler suits

A new fashion trend we saw all over the runways and street style looks during this year’s fashion month, boiler suits are simple, yet very impactful items of clothing that perfectly fit into the cyberpunk category. Although they come in a wide array of different colors and designs, solid black boiler suits with plenty of zippers and pockets are the ideal cyberpunk option. Straightforward and easy to style, boiler suits are a great way to achieve this dystopian aesthetic, without any need for too many layers or over the top accessories.

Img Source: standard.co.uk

Cargo pants

If boiler suits and jumpsuits don’t really fit your personal style, cargo pants are the next best thing. With lots of big, roomy pockets to go around, these pants are as practical as they are fashionable. Paired with chunky boots or a great pair of sneakers and embellished with some chains and thin belts, cargo pants are perfect for creating cool cyberpunk outfits that are equally trendy as they are alternative.

Img Source: footshop.eu

Bike shorts

Gaining their popularity during the last year, bike shorts have become a staple piece amongst fashion designers and social media influencers alike. Simple, comfortable and easy to style, it’s no wonder these shorts became such a big trend that even made its way into the cyberpunk community. Having a certain rawness and edge to them, bike shorts are a futuristic piece of clothing that perfectly fits into the cyberpunk aesthetic, and they are an ideal option for anyone who wants to keep a low-key and comfortable vibe.

Img Source: cosmopolitan.com

Oversized sneakers

The ever-popular platform boots that were an unavoidable part of the cyberpunk aesthetic for years are slowly starting to be replaced with incredibly fashionable chunky sneakers. An ideal way to take any outfit to the next level and give it an edgy and futuristic vibe, oversized sneakers should be a staple piece in every dystopian closet. For example, a pair of fashionable black According to Parlourx.com, Balenciaga sneakers with a chunky platform sole is ideal for pulling an outfit together and giving it a cool cyberpunk twist.

Img Source: wikihow.com

Baggy on baggy

The oversized trend doesn’t really stop with the footwear – it became a big part of the cyberpunk aesthetic. Brands such as Yeezy have popularized the ‘baggy combined with baggy’ look with intricate ripped pieces and asymmetrical cuts that slowly became a huge cyberpunk staple. No longer afraid to lose shape by combining two oversized pieces, but rather embracing this extremely comfortable aesthetic, this chic look became extremely trendy even amongst the Instagram fashion elite.

Img Source: youtube.com

Fanny packs

Among other 90’s trends that are slowly making a comeback, fanny packs have become an unavoidable part of any fashionable outfit. But apart from runway models and Instagram fashionistas, this accessory is also ideal for any cyberpunk enthusiast. Aside from being extremely practical, holding all of your necessities and freeing your hands, fanny packs also fit perfectly into the dystopian aesthetic and pair beautifully with anything from cargo pants and boiler suits to bike shorts and chunky sneakers.

Img Source: bravotv.com


From transparent raincoats to vinyl trousers and glossy boots, plastic materials are slowly taking over the fashion world. The original cyberpunk staple, plastic materials are ideal for creating dystopian looks, from impactful clothing items to footwear and accessories. While a black vinyl coat resembling the futuristic movie look is a definite cyberpunk must-have, clear PVC outerwear is not only extremely trendy but also perfect for a modernized version of this alternative style.

Img Source: dailymail.co.uk

Since the fashion industry is starting to experiment more with their designs and including futuristic and alternative clothing items into their collections, the cyberpunk aesthetic can now be easily achieved simply by incorporating a few trendy items into your outfits.

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