Great Uses for a Bedroom Dresser

As you likely know, dressers are normally used to store wardrobe items. Still, there are no guidelines for how you should store items in your own home. Your bedroom dresser doesn’t have to be for clothing; it can be used to store household items instead. For instance, you can store kids’ or dog toys, electronics, office supplies, and more. Think about the other items in your home that can use a dedicated space and consider putting them in a drawer.

You most likely have many other objects that need a home when they’re not in use. Maybe you have items you want to store in your bedroom, but you’ve never had a spot for them. These could be things like bedding. Blankets, sheets, and pillowcases find themselves taking up space in a laundry room or linen closet.

But, storing them in your bedroom may make more sense. If you are worried about correctly storing household items in your dresser, try one with shelves, such as the Lakeleigh. It gives you multiple storage options for bedding, bathroom towels, and toiletries, making it a great choice for guestrooms. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use furniture in ways that aren’t traditional. If additional storage is what you need, pick up a beautiful bedroom dresser.

The drawers are one way to add storage but don’t forget to make full use of the additional surface space. Displaying decorations in the bedroom gives it a warm, homely feel. Beautifully framed family photos should sit next to heart-warming quotes on top of the dresser. They are also the perfect place for your houseplants to rest.

The Brenner Rustic Honey Chest provides a great setting to display those personal items that put a smile on your face whenever you enter your bedroom.

Bedside tables are a great way to add storage and décor with a small three-drawer chest like the Paxberry. This whitewashed chest of drawers has a unique pattern carved into the piece giving it a distinct look that would complement any chic or cottage-style bedroom.

If your bedroom feels a bit cold when you walk in it now, try adding a dresser to give the room a cozier feel. Your bedroom is the one room you should enter and immediately feel the weight of the day dissipate. That means it should be arranged in a way that fits your lifestyle.

If you have a number of items lying around because you don’t have a place to hide them from view, then a dresser is just what you need. You can then come home to a space that welcomes you to relax and not a space that begs you to straighten things up before you unwind.

A bedroom dresser or chest can really tie the room together. A beautiful wood dresser is an ornate piece of furniture that enhances the room’s décor. You can find bedroom drawers on 1Stopbedrooms to fill that empty wall. If you have a spacious bedroom, dressers can fill up the room giving the coziness you expect from a bedroom.

A tall chest won’t take up much floor space in smaller rooms, but it will use up vertical space so that the room doesn’t feel disjointed. Smaller rooms can also benefit from the additional storage and hold lingerie and other undergarments in their own dedicated drawer.

Lingerie chests like the Maverick have a hidden compartment, adding to their functionality. The top of the chest lifts to reveal a mirror and felt-lined drawer for your jewelry. If your style is glam, this platinum finished chest with a sparkling rhinestone inlay will suit your tastes.

If you need a stand for your t.v., use a bedroom dresser. Finding the right spot for a t.v. in a smaller space can be difficult, but you may not need to continue looking if you have a dresser. Sure, the surface is great for displaying those personal items that bring you joy when entering the bedroom, but it’s also perfect for a television set. You can store cable boxes and streaming devices in drawers so you can avoid seeing cords everywhere.

Chests sit just high enough for you to comfortably view the t.v. from your bed. So sit back and view the news or your favorite late-night show before drifting off to sleep. There’s no need to purchase an additional t.v. stand when your dresser already has everything you need.

Once you know how you’ll use the dresser and where you will place it, it’s time to decide on a style. There’s the casual, contemporary, country, French style, and lots more. With all of these choices, one can easily become confused and unsure of which will match their present décor if they’re redecorating.

Setting up a new room can also be challenging if you’re not sure what vibe you want to create? Is it cool and relaxing, or warm and welcoming? Don’t worry; design specialists are waiting to speak with you and help you make the best decision for your home.

Simply reach out to one of these non-commissioned professionals for a free consultation. Based on your likes and dislikes, they will help you find the right chest for your home on the website.

And when it comes to savings, you won’t find a furniture store with better prices. They stand behind their low-cost guarantee by offering a price-match on any selection you find with a competitor for less. Just call customer service and give them the needed information, and they will adjust the cost of your order.

These savings don’t stop as there are coupons available that you can use the same day if applicable. Take advantage of one of the financing plans and make small monthly payments on your new chest. That’s right, buy now and pay for it later. You can have your new dresser in your home soon, and you won’t have to empty your bank account to get it.