Good headshots work wonders in business marketing

Whenever I’m browsing around the Internet, I always find I am drawn straight away to a person’s photo.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s the social sites like Instagram or Facebook, or the professional platforms such as LinkedIn – it’s always the face that grabs me first.

I used to think this was just the headshot photographer in me. Of course, I am attracted to images and naturally inclined to see those before I see anything else. And then I thought about some more, and I realiszed that probably everyone was just like me. After all, how many people read the caption on an Insta post BEFORE looking at the image?


A journalist mate of mine confirmed it recently when she told me that very rarely are photos used in traditional print or online media that do not have a person’s face in it – as humans, our eyes always gravitate firstly to the face of another person. It has been proven that people reading news pages start by looking at the photo first, and then perhaps skimming the article.  But it’s an absolute certainty that if there is no person in the photo, they won’t even bother reading the headline.

This might go back primeval instincts – may be the need to look at someone’s face before doing anything else is a habit of survival allowing us to gauge someone’s character and trustworthiness to see if they pose any threat to us.

If we apply that natural instinct to business marketing, it seems only logical that we would use photos of ourselves a whole lot more in our collateral and online presence. Getting the attention of potential customers is always the aim, right? Yet it is surprising how many people just don’t think to use headshots in their marketing, or use poor quality images that repel rather than attract the eye.

I am noticing in my photographic business – Captured by Catherine – that more and more businesspeople are starting to recognise the importance of a good-quality headshot that can be used on webpages, social media sites, or in print.

The research shows that people looking at a warm and engaging headshot will start to connect instantly with that person, and feel a certain level of immediate trust. What this translates to is them being more likely to pick up the phone and contact you…or at least stop scrolling and looking for another supplier. Interestingly, it doesn’t even matter if the words on your marketing blurbs aren’t as clever or fulsome as others – a good headshot will actually impact and wield a whole lot more power than the most brilliant turn of phrase.

The most common thing I hear from clients about the use of headshots is that they aren’t attractive enough to use images of themselves as a marketing tool. But here’s the rub: a good headshot has nothing to do with beauty or glamour, and everything to do with looking trustworthy, engaging and warm. These people want to do business with you, not marry you!

That’s where my skills come in. I know how to take the headshots that can be utilised across different mediums, are high quality, are flattering, and which speak to who you are and your business. I do all the hard work – you just need to come along with a genuine desire to use imaging as an effective marketing tool.

So come on board – and get your face working hard for your business success.

Ricardo is a freelance writer specialized in politics. He is with from the beginning and helps it grow. Email: richardorland4[at]