How Long Does It Take To Get Canadian Citizenship After The Test?

Canada is one of the most popular countries for immigrants in the world. There are many reasons for that. This country is known for being friendly to all other nationalities, and it is progressive in many ways, especially when it comes to standards, quality of life, education, health, and more. Moreover, this country is known for its diversity and people from all around the world who are not legal citizens. However, there is a strict procedure that you need to complete if you want to become a Canadian citizen.

For of all, you need to learn more about some important factors that can lead to full citizenship. You will have to live in Canada for at least 3 years, pay your taxes regularly, learn English or French, and pass the test. The test contains questions about your personal life, goals, history, and reasons why you want to live in Canada, along with your family status, education, the field of work, and more. You can check to learn more about the question that can be in the test.

Main Features of the Test

If you are applying for permanent residence, it is important to don’t have issues like being monitored for illegal immigration, not fulfilling the terms to be a legal citizen, or getting an order to move from the country. Also, it is necessary to gather all of the documents that authorities need in the process. When it comes to the time spend in the country, you must physically be there for at least three years, and traveling to other countries will be subtracted from that time. Also, your language skills have to be on a level where you can be able to understand the basic conversation, grammar, and have a decent vocabulary.

There are many questions in the test, and they are related to geography, economy, history, laws, official symbols, and the government of Canada. There are 20 questions and you must have at least 15 correct answers. Also, you have a limited time of 30 minutes. It is crucial to know that you won’t be eligible to apply for citizenship if you are chased for some criminal activities or you have a criminal record. The fees can be different depending on the form of application, and the average price for the application for full citizenship is around $600 for adults and $100  for children. This is only a first step, and it will take some time before you proceed with the process and get a full residence.

There are also some additional rules that you should know about the test. There will be an interview before you start. Also, you will need to get your passport along with other documents and photos. The rules during the test are the same as in schools. That means that you cannot use the phone, ask other people anything during the test, or check other people’s answers. Moreover, failing the test does not mean that you are rejected for good. You can always apply again.

Time Between the Test and Ceremony

Different factors could affect the time. The routine form is the shortest method, and it needs around 2 years between the test and getting citizenship. However, the government can easily decide to prolong that period and include additional questions to be sure that allowing you to live in Canada is a good choice. There is also a stricter form of application where the officials will check your documents and each detail. In most cases, it will require an interview with the officials who will then inspect you with additional questions. It is very important to follow their further instructions in that case. Keep in mind that making a small mistake like not adding some details can easily suspend your application, and you will need to start the whole process all over again.

The crucial part of the application is to pass the test. As we already mentioned, there are questions related to basic knowledge about the country and language skills. Learning more about Canada should not be a problem. However, if you are not good at English or French, the best solution is to start a language course on time. They don’t require you to have a native-speaking level, but you should be able to interact in everyday conversation without any issues.

When it comes to the time that you will have to wait before you can finish the process and get citizenship, it depends on your previous status. In most cases, it will require at least one year before you get notified that you are eligible to complete the process and get granted full residence ability. Also, we have to mention that this process is now even slower due to the pandemic, and officials need more time to check all of the tests and applications.

Moreover, you should know that the time starts from the moment when you complete the application. Other models where people are asking for a residence that is limited takes a lot less time. However, full citizenship will require more details, especially if you are an economic immigrant from third-world countries. it is important for them that you have proper education and skills to work in Canada and contribute to society.

Last Words

Before you start with the process of application, it is crucial to learn more about the procedure and requirements. You can learn all details from professionals at Keep in mind that it is not a simple process and that they are focused on bringing only people who can contribute to society. If you are looking for a new chance in life by moving there, you should first find a job and get a temporary visa.

After that, you can extend it until you get permanent permission. Moreover, you will need to live and work there for at least three years before you become eligible to apply for full citizenship. Other details like your financial situation and country where you are coming from can be important factors as well.

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