3 Reasons you need a REVs Check before Buying your Car

Buying a car is not always an easy job, especially if you decide to buy a used one. Then you have to pay attention to many procedural details, from checking the “paper” and the condition of the car. You will find the largest selection of used cars nowadays in online classifieds or so-called car markets, but to be sure of your choice, you will need to check these cars in detail, whether it is mileage or ownership documentation. It is important to mention that this way you will come across many resellers who aim to sell the car as quickly as possible, so do not rush into shopping, even if at a good price you find the type and model of a car you have long wanted. You should never be hasty with the purchase and you should keep in mind that this is a serious investment on which the safety of you and your family in driving depends.

Give yourself enough time, think carefully about the budget you have, whether you need a small car or someone with a big trunk. It is also important to pay attention to consumption, mileage, condition of the vehicle, and equally important, if not the most important is that all documentation is clean.

So, REVs check is a step that you should never skip for several reasons.

You will make sure that the car is not stolen

Be sure to ask the person from whom you are buying the vehicle to show you personal documents and contact information. One of the most serious problems can arise if it is subsequently determined that the vehicle that was purchased was stolen, regardless of whether it is about our country or abroad. No one wants to be in a situation where the police stop him, check the documentation, and determine that it is a stolen vehicle because in that case the car would be legally confiscated from you even after it is determined that you paid for that car. So, it is best to check this before buying. Save yourself from embarrassing situations.


REVs check will determine if the previous owner has left a certain debt. If it is determined that it is, we have bad news, because the debt has automatically passed to the new owner – you. This check is performed on the Register of Encumbered Vehicles.

Registration details

What will surely interest you when buying a used car is when the car is registered. If you buy the car in person, you will be able to ask the seller yourself, but if you buy online, you can do so by simply entering the license plates. You can check this to learn more about it.

How is it possible to do REVs check?

As we said, it is very easy to do it. All you have to do is to enter the Vehicle Identification Number in the search box and in a very short period you will get all the necessary information you need before making a final decision about buying that car.

Am I obliged to do REVs check?

This is something you are not obliged to do, but keep in mind this could help you to reveal if the documentation is clear. Besides, this check doesn’t cost a lot ($10-$30). Consider it a safe investment.

Can I get REVs check on any vehicle?

It refers to any vehicle, no matter if it’s a car, caravan, truck, or motorbike and the price is the same for all vehicles.

What else do I need to pay attention to when buying a used car?

Be sure to watch the car during the day, as irregularities are harder to spot at night. A good car tinsmith can easily determine if a car has been damaged, even if he does not lift it on a crane or watch from the canal. Therefore, it would be useful to seek his help and honor him if he does not want to charge for the service.

The interior of the car is also very important. Fasten your seat belt and check that the belt goes slowly and that it comes back on itself after tying or that you have to push it. If it does not return there is a possibility that the belt tensioners are gone, which is most likely another consequence of some sort of accident. If the car is a newer year, it will almost certainly have an airbag. If the airbag sign lights up on the instrument panel after starting the engine, and the seller says that the car does not have an airbag, then it used to have, that is, it was activated during the accident, and the new one was not installed.

They found that the engine was original, but that still doesn’t mean it’s good. The inspection of the engine must include the measurement of the degree of compression and visual inspection of the spark plugs. Whether it consumes oil excessively and what kind of combustion it is can indirectly indicate problems with fuel injection, that is carburetion. A worn-out engine requires expensive repairs. Any knocking or squeaking from the engine compartment should be defined.

Brake discs are also very important and need to be checked. The surface should be smooth and without pronounced unevenness – if they are uneven, they will soon need leveling or replacement, which means that you will be exposed to additional costs.

Final thoughts

As cliché as it sounds, it’s really important to think carefully and make a decision about “Which car do I really want?”. Well, not as much as I want, but as much as I can pay and spend on regular expenses such as service, registration, fuel, and so on. That is the key to good shopping, especially if you have just graduated from driving school or if you are buying your first car. Keep in mind that the condition of the vehicle and proper documentation go hand in hand and that you only know if you meet both criteria to be satisfied with the choice you have made.

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