Georgina Rodriguez Workout

The girlfriend of a famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, has recently shared a video of how she is spending time during the isolation. As we can see, Georgina is very active and motivated to stay fit during her home quarantine time.


She shared a video on social media, where we can see her intense workout. Also, both of them are together in their home in Madeira, where they will be until the whole situation with the coronavirus is over. In the video, we can see how this 26years old model and former worker in Gucci, is trying to bring her legs to perfection.


Her fans had many positive comments on her fitness plan, and how she looks attractive in a short sweat suit. According to some sources, they are paying more than 4,000 dollars each month to be in this amazing house. Their kids are also with them for the whole time.

She is one of many celebrities that are constantly sharing various content to motivate their fans and followers during the coronavirus lockdown. It is crucial to find motivation and work on self-improvement. At least we have plenty of time for that until the lockdown measures are over.

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