The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 22 – Fan Comments

Since we are just one 7 days from the finale of “The Curse of Oak Island” season 7, the fans of this popular show are eager to find out what will happen in the final episode. In the show, it’s almost winter and the crew are slowly packing up and preparing to leave. In episode 22, the team started shaft digging and hit the dead end. After that, they’ve tried to search the property of Samuel Ball. They discovered a tunnel, which is blocked by a huge rock. So, another dead end is in front of them.


The fans of this show are pretty creative when it comes to the comments they have on this show. One of them has a theory that this is a tunnel that just leads to a basic cellar. This fan wrote that as much he wanted for this tunnel to lead to some exceptional discovery, it’s probably a potato cellar. Another fan tweeted that he is not surprised at all with the discovery and that it is expected from that tunnel to be a dead end.

Some other fans jokingly speculated about Samuel Ball moving gold in this tunnel. Surprisingly, some fans even expressed being annoyed after the crew got back to the swamp. Thankfully, a few of them talked with a touch of sentimentality since the end of the season is at hand.

We could see some comments where fans talked about the number of days included in one episode. The conclusion was since they had four days in one episode, we could expect a whole week inserted into the season finale. Lastly, we could see some jokes about Samuel Ball being a serial killer and that the tunnel on his property is a mass grave where he keeps his victims.

The season 7 finale is on the History Channel at 9 pm, next week on Tuesday.