Flowers and Symbolism – The Connection Between Them

We consider the choice of flowers a delicate matter of its own. If you stop and think for a moment, it certainly is a demanding task for all people. Take, for instance, occasions you might want to go to and necessary flowers for the planned event. Which ones are more suitable, you must be wondering and there are so many options to choose from.  Another reason that confuses the majority of men out there is the name of flowers that can be misleading to start with.

Speaking from personal experience, you can really miss the point if you trust your feeling and pick the flower that sounds good. Frankly speaking, I’m never going to do that again. Now I have a clear idea of what we all must know before making the final decision. Open minds in this topic will ease the process of understanding the importance of educating yourself about symbolism and flowers. Each situation, occasion, and emotion have flowers that transfer the message without saying a word. We have prepared a few examples of herbs that already have meaning you might require in the future.

Anemone Flowers – Wind Flowers

We start the list with Anemone flowers closely related to Hepatica and Pasque flowers also. The fact is that the mentioned flowers are vastly located from North America, Japan, and in a significant number of European countries. The name itself Anemone is left from the Latin word – anemos, meaning wind, and the flower is also known as the wind Flower. Symbolism, in this part, shares the same theory that such flowers should be associated with persons that have “wind” in their hearts.

They are full of spirit, energy, and upbeat about life in a general sense. Windflower on the old Latin represented the meaning that effects of the wind will eventually blow-open the petals, simultaneously blowing-out the dead leaves. Shaping the start of one, and ending the life of previous petals on the flower, the mentioned Anemone has three main types:  Larger Fall (blooms at the end of summer to fall), Spring-flowering type, and the Tuberous Mediterranean (in the spring as well as in the summer).

Birds of Paradise

Next on our list of flowers is called Birds of paradise and also known as Crane flowers world-wide. Everything about this landscape herb is special and unique in a certain way. The fact that its leaves can grow up to 18 inches long and over 6 inches wide. And with a height of 4 feet, combined bright full colors resembling a flying colored bird, everybody will remember seeing it. As a typical representative of Exotic flowers, it is located mainly in South Africa and the booming period from September all the way to May. The mentioned visual appearance is the focusing point where the symbolism is around a colorful bird flying. Also note that people who should receive this flower as a present must-have home space for it, and be free-spirited, according to the people from FloraQueen. Carne flowers at first glance look like a small banana with exceptionally long petals, in some places considered as the entrance to paradise.


Probably the most known flower from this list is the Carnation. Highly popular between different generations, which associate it with their specific moment in time. Still, Carnation or the Flowers of God, because on Latin names “dios” – god Zeus, and “anthos” -flower, form together into the Greek name for the herb Dianthus. Carnation has three main types spread around the globe: perpetual-flowering, border, and annual carnations. The historical value of the flower is also crucial to mention because, according to the Christian legend, the tears of the Virgin Mary gave birth to Carnation flowers when they fall to the ground. With so many symbolism in meaning surrounding this flower, we will only mention a few most-known out there:  Pink Carnations – Mother’s Love, White Carnations – Pure Love and Good Luck, Purple Carnations – Capriciousness, Light red Carnations – Admiration, Yellow Carnation -Disappointment and Dejection, Striped Carnations – Regret and Refusal, and Carnations in general sense – Fascination and Woman’s Love.


Daises have found a way to be included in our list of top five flowers with symbolism for good reasons. This recognizable herb has been present in our lives for as long as we can remember. The mentioned elegant but straightforward flower can be associated with purity and innocence all over the world because of its white colors. The name itself had roots from the Anglo Saxon “daes eage” – meaning the day’s eye. Symbolism and meaning surrounding Daises are also associated with loyalty, friendship, and love. When opting to choose this flower as a present, it should be for a person with a loyal, loving, and friendly person that makes you want to be more like it. When speaking about the variety of the flower, we have numerous examples but will mention only a few African Daisy, Sunshine Daisy,  Lazy Daisy – Prairie Daisy, Blue Daisy, Transvaal Daisy – Barberton Daisy, Shasta Daisy, etc.


One more flower which is present in the majority of households, Gladiolus. Due to its specific and recognizable shape of leaves, it is also known as Sword Lily, and Corn Lily. Initially, Gladiolus has roots from South Africa, where the first colorful flowers caught the eye of admirers from all over the globe. Throughout history, this herd had particular value to persons caring it or the once being gifted with it. The symbolism of this flower with characteristics in a person like honor,  strength, and faithfulness, considered being a great pride of the carrier. Nota that this flower name also has roots from the ancient Latin word xiphos – sword. It was only in the 18th century when the mentioned flower was introduced to Europa, where the full potential of it was acknowledged by all.

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