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Everything you want to know about ‘Fast & Furious 9’

The Vin Diesel-led franchise decided to make each movie better than the previous one, this time with a new cast member, John Cena.

The ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise will be publishing a ninth project, ‘Fast & Furious 9’. Some predict that the new film will include extreme car action no one has seen in a movie before.
Here is all the information you’re curious to read about the upcoming project:

Release Date

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‘Fast & Furious 9’ was supposed to broadcast on April 2019, but it was delayed to May 22, 2020. Diesel revealed that filming began on June 24.


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No one yet has any confirmed information, but some fans suspect the action in the new movie might take place in space. ‘Fast & Furious 8’ director F Gary Gray said he wouldn’t rule anything out with this project.


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John Cena, a WWE superstar, has confirmed that he will be playing a rebel in the upcoming movie. Fans are excited to see Cena as a part of the crew and to know further detail about his character.

The full cast list has not been announced yet, Vin Diesel (Dom), Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) and Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges (Tej) will probably return , along with Tyrese Gibson (Roman), Luke Evans (Owen Shaw), Helen Mirren (Magdalene Shaw), Lucas Black (Sean), Kurt Russell (Mr Nobody), Nathalie Emmanuel (Ramsey), Scott Eastwood (Eric), and Charlize Theron (Cipher).
Jordana Brewster confirmed she will be back as Mia, Dom’s sister.

After he argues with Diesel, Dwayne Johnson will probably not appear in the main movie but might return in the spin-off movie ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ along with Jason Statham.

Michelle Rodriguez confirmed she will be in the movie on May 16, after the franchise hired a female writer.


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Justin Lin, the director of the franchise’s third, fourth, fifth and sixth projects is returning for the ninth movie. His return might solve some problems that people have had with the last film. Lin is also famous for his work on ‘Better Luck Tomorrow’ and ‘Star Trek Beyond’.


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The trailer has not made public yet since the movie is currently in filming. Keep an eye out for the newest updates.

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