Earn Profit With DVC Resale

If you are a DVC member but find that you no longer need the membership, then don’t just shove it into the deepest part of your closet and never let it out on the surface again. By that we mean, don’t just set it aside and forget it. This wouldn’t be a wise move by any standards. There are smarter things to do with your Disney vacation club membership. Have you given any ideas to alternatives to just forgetting you even own one? If you haven’t, let us change your mind. Will you let us? Yes, please.

Think about how much you paid just to become a member of the elite Disney Vacation Club. Don’t you want to earn some of that money back? You probably want to. There’s no such thing like wasted investment when it comes to Disney. You know how big and popular this company is. Just think about some of the names associated with it such as Mickey Mouse, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and all the actors appearing in Star Wars. When we’re close to SW, just think about other franchises that Disney owns such as The Pirates of The Caribbean, The Simpsons, and theMCU. You don’t want to forgo your DVC membership. You don’t?

If your answer is yes, then definitely stay and read through this article as we take you into what DVC resale is all about and how you can earn from selling your membership by listing them on resale platforms like

Overview Of DVC Resale

There are a number of ways to be able to experience vacationing in a Disney resort location. The most popular method is by becoming a DVC member. Many people all over the world choose this option. If you’re a fan of the company and all of the content it offers it is the only logical solution. But with time you might get tired of it. Some people do. Not us, of course. But, if you’re one of those people who had enough, the best route to take is to have it gone, but with a return. You can give it for free, but is that the wise option here? It’s not. Why? Because you paid for it. What about the sum? You could probably live without it.

However, signing up for a membership is not exactly easy on the pocket- something that DVC is infamous for. That’s right, it is an expensive membership. So while many would want to experience a luxurious stay in a Disney resort, they may be having second thoughts about buying into the club due to its extremely high prices. There are those of us who are more than prepared to pay the full price for a sling as it takes. Disney isn’t going anywhere nor do their resorts. But, if you feel that the time is right for you to part ways with your membership you’re free to do so.

This is where it would make a lot of sense for a member like you to offer your contract to an interested buyer. Trust us, there will be interested parties. To do this you need to learn a thing or two about the DVC resale.

A resale of a DVC contract is very popular in the DVC market as most, of course, would want to save up on as much money as they can. Making this an absolutely great opportunity for you. It’s not like you’re going to make a profit in the process, but even that is one of the possible solutions. Of course, many of you now must be wondering if this whole ordeal is legal. Let’s talk about that for a little bit.

Is DVC Resale Legit?

It can be quite scary to offer your DVC membership in the online market- after all, it’s an expensive purchase. So you would want to make sure that the transaction you are about to make is safe- both for you and the interested buyer. The Internet is a great place, but it has its risks, we’re not going to argue that. But, today most transactions are happening online, with mobile banking and digital currencies market going full steam, so there might not be another solution. This brings out a lot of questions about the legality of the entire action.

But don’t worry, DVC resale is legitimate and in fact, Disney Vacation Club is well aware of the transactions regarding selling of membership contracts. They have more use of a resold contract then they would have from someone who is not using their membership to a full extent.

Where To Find DVC Resale?

One of the best ways to make sure that you are selling your DVC contract the right way is by finding a resale provider that is reliable and trustworthy. This shouldn’t be too hard, because today you have people and agencies who excel in this line of work. Finding the right partners to get the job done should be a priority for you, but don’t stress about it, as you can find the right ones with ease, if you know where to look as we suggested.

You can list your contract in their pool and potential buyers can browse through them until your listing is chosen and sold.

How Can You Earn From DVC Resale?

There are two ways to earn from selling your DVC contract.

  • Instant Offer – an instant offer means that the resale company would be the one to purchase the contract from you. If you opt for this, you don’t only get an instant sale, but you get guaranteed money right away. However, the con to this option is that you might not be able to get the best offer in terms of value.
  • Request for Listing – if you are looking to sell your contract by getting the best offer, then a listing would be the better option for you. This way, your contract will be placed in a pool where interested buyers can browse and find the perfect contract for them. A sale may take some time, but at least you are sure that you are able to sell your membership with a good price.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your membership go to waste. A DVC resale is the best way to get back a fraction of the money you spent when you purchased it.

Consider what is the best option for you in terms of selling your contract so you can make the most out of the transaction.

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