Dwayne The Rock Johnson to be in Netflix movie “John Henry and the Statesmen”


Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that The Rock is not black enough to star John Henry in new Netflix movie. In the film “Tall Tale” from 1995, Roger Aaron Browne played John Henry. He says: “There’s more to being black than meets the eye.” Roger believes that Johnson is an excellent candidate for this role and thinks that Dwayne has everything that is important to take part in this project.

Browne explained: “John Henry is an iconic character. It’s been done several times, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has paid his dues as an actor and as a human being. I happen to like the guy-and the one thing about his energy is the compassion along with the physical structure. These days that’s so needed and necessary.

“If Dwayne Johnson has enough moxy, enough guts enough b**ls to put his money behind it, good bless him. He simply has to be mindful about telling the truth to himself. He grew up, like he said, with his father, talking about his character, and that’s more than enough for me… Who gave anybody the right to play god and say ‘Dwayne, you’re not dark enough to play John Henry.’ That’s just ridiculous.”

At the moment there is no more available information about this situation and Dwayne Johnson and his role in new Netflix movie, as well.