Dwayne Johnson Will Bring a Brand New Wrestling Show to TV

There are a lot of people, actors, and celebrities that are working very hard and non-stop, and one of them undoubtedly is Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. He´s been filming, working with his production company and he has been involved in many projects recently.

Due to the current situation, acting gigs are paused, but Dwayne is still working and preparing for his roles, for when everything again comes to normal. One of his upcoming projects is a new TV series about backyard wrestling. Dwayne will be an executive producer on this show for HBO. Issa Rae, writer, producer, and actress will join Dwayne, as well as Dany Garcia.

The show will follow a dock worker and a struggling pro wrestler named Cassius Jones, who lives in Houston´s Third Ward. His neighbor is known as The Tre, so the show might be called Tre Cnt or Tre Count. The story will focus on the path that Cassius had to follow while constructing his backyard-wrestling empire.

Issa is currently working on another HBO show, Insecure, as an executive producer and a writer. Judah Miller will also work with them as an executive producer and showrunner, and El Masri as a writer.

Other wrestling shows Dwayne Johnson worked on

Dwayne starred in a movie called ¨Fighting My Family¨, which he also produced. The story was centered on Paige, a former professional wrestler with a wrestler family. He is also known for his excellent wrestling career and all the success that he made while he was a wrestler. It just means that The Rock is the right man to work on this project.

Another good thing about this new show is that backyard wrestling is an unknown subject to the public, and it wasn´t explored enough in the past. This show will explain to people what´s it all about and what backyard wrestling means. We can´t wait for this new show to happen and we are sure that we will write about it again.