Doodle Breeds & Grooming Advice

Dogs represent the most common pets in the whole world. They are known as people’s best friends, along with their loyalty, cuteness, and intelligence. There are hundreds of breeds that were created by combining various sorts of dogs. Also, you can choose between many sizes, fur longevity, and more. One of the most popular breeds are doodles, which represents a mixture of various breeds and poodles. These dogs have a unique appearance because of the long and wool-like fur. The interesting fact about doodles is that there are all types of different breeds made from combining golden retrievers, Alsatian dogs, sheepdogs, terriers, bulldogs, and more.

You can visit We Love Doodles to read more about various breeds of doodles. Moreover, if you are interested in getting one, you should know that every pet requires proper care and lots of attention. The difference between these dogs and many other types is that some of them require higher levels of care related to nutrition, grooming, and more. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most popular doodle breeds and advice related to grooming them properly.

Most Popular Doodle Breeds

Golden doodle

A combination of Poodle and a Golden Retriever is known for being cute, smart, and excellent for kids. Also, these dogs are very friendly and it is not common for them to develop some bad behaviors. On the other hand, you should know that Golden Doodle requires a lot of attention, which means that you should not leave it alone for long periods.


This breed is a combination with a schnauzer, which, as a result, has an amazing appearance. This dog is quite playful and excellent for families with small children. Also, they are getting along with other animals, which means that you can own a cat beside this dog without any problems. Moreover, this dog is very intelligent, and you can teach him all kinds of tricks and good habits.


The combination with Australian Shepherd is also remarkable. However, since it is a herding dog breed, you should pay attention to its habits from an early age. This dog is full of energy and requires a lot of walks. Since this breed has herding in its DNA, you have to pay attention to train him properly to not treat small kids as sheep. Luckily, there are very intelligent, and you won’t have any issues with that.


The most common and popular sort of doodle is a poodle mixed with a Labrador. While it shares all abilities with other sorts of poodles, you should pay attention to some of the potential bad habits like being too abundant and noisy.

Grooming Tips

While most things related to care are similar like with any other dog breeds, what makes them unique is that they require proper grooming since their fur is growing constantly. Also, this sort is the best for people who have issues with allergies since their coat will not spread germs all over the place. Proper grooming is most important when it comes to their special needs. Here are some tips for grooming your doodle.

Coat Brushing

Since they have a long coat, you must pay attention to keeping it clean all the time. Brush their fur at least a few times a week. Also, choose only light brushes that will not rip the fur. If you don’t do brush them too often, the fur will become full of twists.

Removing Twists

In case you forget to brush your dog on time, there is a high chance for twists on its coat. The main issue with twists is that it can become a place with increased deposits of dirt and bacteria that the dog can deliver in your home. It is very important to be gentle during this process to avoid ripping off the fur or injuring your pet.

Washing Before Cutting the Fur

The process of cutting the fur will be much easier and safer when you clean your dog before that process. It is common for these animals to collect a lot of dirt while playing outside, and all of that dirt could end up in your house during washing.

Trimming Process

You can use regular scissors to take off most parts of the fur. However, use a smaller one for some sensitive areas like the stomach and ears. Moreover, pay attention to don’t miss some part and try to be as gentle as you can. It is advisable to trim these dogs more often since they could have issues with dirt, fur that is covering their eyes, and more. Also, they will become even more beautiful. Besides the fur, you can also trim their nails to prevent them from scratching the floor and other surfaces.

Another reason why you should be gentle and patient is to not scare your pet and traumatize him. Therefore, before you start grooming, let your pet to see the tools you are using, smell them, and take turns slowly one by one to let it know that it is safe. After you finish with scissors, you can use a machine for wider areas on the dog’s body. Preparation is the key in this process, and it will get much easier if the pet sits still while you are grooming him. Therefore, make slow moves, pet your dog, be gentle, and let him know that there is no reason for fear.

Last Words

Grooming pets has become so popular that we have many pet saloons in bigger towns where your pet can get the best service from experts. When it comes to doodles, the most important part of proper care is to brush them more often and keep them clean. On the other hand, the frequency of grooming is your choice, but it is recommended to groom them at least every two months. When it comes to puppies, you should wait until they reach a certain size before first grooming. One of the great benefits related to this breed is that you won’t have parts of their fur all over your home.