Development of Crypto Games

NFTs are rapidly taking over the game dev industry. The first game using unique tokens – CryptoKitties – was released in 2017. In 2024, the market already has hundreds of blockchain-based projects.

NFT objects allow not only developers but also players to make a profit. This makes tokenized applications popular all over the world. To create an NFT project with access to exchanges, you need to contact the nft game company.

What is the essence of the blockchain game?

Blockchain is a chain of transactions recorded on many computers simultaneously. It is impossible to change specific lines (tokens) in this chain without the consent of all the “custodians”. This ensures the main principle of the blockchain – decentralization.

NFT games use non-fungible tokens. Unlike bitcoins, which are equal to each other, all NFTs are unique. Due to this NFT property, a digital item is given an “individual number”. One virtual rifle becomes distinct from another. The player can confirm ownership of it and, if desired, resell it profitably, especially if the gun is rare.

Elements of a Crypto Game

The development process for crypto games can be broken down into the following stages: ideation, development, testing, and release.

Ideation is when the game idea is conceived. This will typically involve coming up with an interesting concept, developing a detailed plan, and then starting to execute that plan. During this phase, it’s important to be creative and open to new ideas. It’s also important to stay grounded in reality so that the gameplay mechanics and overall design feel realistic.

Development is where all the hard work happens. This includes designing the gameplay mechanics, creating graphics, and coding the game code. It’s important to keep in mind the goal of the game during development – making sure it feels fun and gives players a good experience. Testing is essential during this stage to make sure everything works as intended and that no major bugs are present. Finally, the release goes hand-in-hand with testing – once everything is deemed ready for public consumption, it needs to be released on various platforms (including mobile devices) for gamers around the world to enjoy.

How do NFT games work on phones and PC?

Tokenized games for Android, iOs, and PC are built on three main mechanics:

  • “Play to earn”. Users receive cryptocurrency by creating unique in-game items, pumping characters, building buildings, and developing game areas.
  • “Pay to earn cryptocurrency.” Players buy and sell many unique trading cards – with photos of athletes, fantasy heroes, and character art.
  • Mystery Boxes. Users purchase “secret boxes” that contain unknown (until opened) NFT items of varying value.

The nuances of creating a game on the blockchain with earnings

The development and monetization of the project go through 5 stages:

  1. Thinking through the gameplay, preparation of technical requirements.

A game designer creates a plot and, on its basis, draws up technical specifications for artists and programmers.

  1. Drawing design, writing code.

Direct development and testing of the product.

  1. Adding tokens and smart contracts.

Smart contracts ensure the security of transactions.

  1. Market entry

The company places tokenized objects on platforms selling unique NFTs.

  1. Converting income

It withdraws the earned cryptocurrency from the exchange and exchanges it for dollars.

How much can you earn on crypto games?

Successful NFT projects bring their creators millions of dollars. You need to consider trends and understand the user’s request to get closer to such a result. An active marketing policy also helps to increase profits – the distribution of tokens (the so-called NFT airdrop) and cooperation with influencers. With the right approach, the profit received will significantly exceed the cost of creating the game.

How long does it take to develop an NFT game?

Binding tokens to game objects, setting up the in-game economy, and connecting crypto wallets usually take one to two months. The exact time depends on the project’s scope, the cryptocurrency used, and the nuances of the gameplay.

The future is NFT and blockchain

Non-fungible tokens are increasingly used in life. They have already become part of the arts, the financial sector, insurance, and medicine. In the gaming industry, NFTs are beginning to be implemented by the largest companies. This means that it is time to master technologies now and become one of the pioneers.

The Economics of Crypto Games

Crypto games are a new and developing industry, with no precedent in traditional video gaming. The Economics of crypto games is an important topic to understand as the sector continues to grow and evolve.

In the early years of cryptocurrency, there was little economic analysis done on the space. Now that cryptocurrencies have matured, economists and researchers are starting to pay more attention to their potential implications for the wider economy. The reasons for this shift are manifold: first, cryptos offer a new way of exchanging value; second, cryptos have the potential to revolutionize payments; and third, cryptos could become a powerful vehicle for investment.

The Advantages of Playing Crypto Games

Crypto games are a new and growing genre of gaming that allows players to wage war in a virtual world using digital assets. There are many advantages to playing crypto games, including the ability to use cryptocurrencies as in-game currency, low barriers to entry, and the potential for high returns.

Cryptocurrencies can be used as in-game currency

Many crypto games allow players to earn rewards in cryptocurrency form, which can then be spent on upgrades or other gaming goods. This allows gamers to get real-world value out of their virtual investments while also engaging with the game itself.

Low barriers to entry

Crypto games are often free to play, which means that there are low barriers to entry for new gamers. This makes it possible for more people than ever before to get involved in this exciting new genre of gaming.

The potential for high returns

Crypto games are typically based on strategic gameplay, which means that there is a lot of potential for high returns on investment. This makes them an attractive option for investors who want to make a quick and profitable return on their investments.


Cryptocurrency games are a new and rapidly growing trend in the gaming industry. They combine the excitement of casino gaming with the interactive features of video games, allowing players to earn rewards while they play.