Desert Storm Trophy Truck – Most Brutal Car Concept Ever

Desert Storm Trophy Truck is probably the most badass vehicle you have ever seen. Combining the looks of Lamborghini Countach, Batmobile Tumbler, and a sand baggy, Desert Storm is an incredible piece of machinery, well worth every last penny on your bank account.

At first glance, it reminds us of a beefed up Jeep that has been weaponized. With matte black paint job covering fiber body sitting high above the ground on huge all-terrain wheels and enough lighting fixture to turn night into a day, it looks very menacing. There are no windows to protect you from sand, but then, who cares about that?

The car looks like it is more than able to tackle any obstacle on its way, including forest trails, rocks, water, even a horde of zombies. It is still in a concept phase, but there are plenty of rich buyers out there who would be willing to invest money into its production, in case apocalypse happens.