Customer Reviews: Why You Need Them and How They Can Be Used on Your Website

More than 70% of buyers read other people’s reviews before making a purchase in an online store. User reviews have a positive effect on the conversion rate and are simply a necessary component for any modern online store. Let’s discuss why you need customer reviews, what benefits they bring to an online store and how to encourage customers to leave them on product pages.

Why do you need customer reviews?

Despite the fact that many owners of online stores, especially new ones, completely do not pay attention to this moment, in fact it remains very important. First of all, you need to understand that having reviews helps increase sales. They help a potential customer get rid of doubts about a particular product or help in the final choice of a product from several similar options.

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According to research by experts in the field of e-commerce:

  • 63% of users, ceteris paribus, are more likely to make a purchase in an online store that has reviews than in one that does not have them on the pages;
  • 86% of consumers say they trust other people’s reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation.
  • the presence of feedback on offers from the product catalog provides sales growth of about 18% (according to;
  • the level of trust in customer reviews is about 12 times greater than in product descriptions.

The above arguments are quite enough to push any owner of an online store to work in this direction.

SEO Benefits

We have already written about the growth of conversion and sales, but, in addition, customer reviews bring a number of other advantages to the online store. In particular, we are talking about the attitude to the site from the search engines. In this context, the benefits of having reviews would be:

  • additional unique content. Text on product pages usually contains descriptions from manufacturers that are not unique and are duplicated on many other sites. User reviews are a great way to increase the amount of unique content on these pages and improve their ranking in search results;


  • increase in clicks on low-frequency queries. We are talking about queries like “product name” + “review / reviews”, which are especially popular in the niche of computer and digital technology. The presence of such information on the website of your online store has a positive effect on the growth of search traffic for such queries;


  • product ranking in search. The rating from the product page, which is displayed using microdata and in search results, increases CTR in search results, the number of user transitions and ranking in general. Typically, such a rating is displayed in the form of stars and is based on the rating of the product by users.

Such seemingly small moments have a positive effect on the online store as a whole, contributing to an increase in the amount of targeted traffic, and hence sales growth.

Negative feedback is also needed

Why is criticism needed? Although it’s not obvious, all reviews are valuable to the business, and combining positive reviews with negative ones allows you to increase the level of trust on the part of the person who reads them. A solid positive is unnatural and arouses suspicion.

Interestingly, according to Reevoo, the presence of a certain proportion of negative reviews also has a positive effect on conversions! The very fact that people who read negative reviews pay close attention to product pages increases the likelihood of a purchase. People trust the online store on the pages of which they see both good and bad ratings, and the absence of negative opinions on the page raises the suspicion of censorship.

How to react to it? The appearance of negative reviews on the pages of your online store can and should be allowed. But in no case should they be left without a reaction and, even more so, removed. In this case, the offended buyer will try to post even more negative reviews about you, moreover, on sites where you can’t delete them, but everyone can see them.

Negative comments should not go unnoticed. It is necessary to understand what the dissatisfied customer wants to achieve and, if possible, solve his problem. And do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this case, handling the negativity will do you good, and you will not only turn a dissatisfied customer into a grateful one, but also increase the loyalty of other users, who will make sure that your company is really trying to help its customers and is focused on satisfying their needs. Do not miss the opportunity to expose the process of solving the client’s problem for all to see.

How to get customer feedback

When choosing between the ability to do something and the ability to do nothing, in most cases people are clearly inclined towards the second option. Realizing this, it is necessary to encourage users to leave reviews, because their absence reduces the credibility of the online store. And you can do this by using the following methods:

  • Simply ask. Nothing prevents you from simply leaving text on the product page asking you to express your opinion about a particular product. Even this simple step will encourage users to be more active;
  • Letter after the bidding successfully. You can set up automatic letter to the client’s email with a request to leave a review, which will come some time after the purchase;
  • Offer bonuses. For example, introduce a cumulative bonus system that, upon reaching a certain level, allows you to get a discount. And offer registered visitors of the online store to receive bonuses for publishing reviews;
  • Show an example. It’s no secret that people are more active in commenting on those pages on which someone has already expressed their opinion. Therefore, in order to encourage new visitors to leave reviews, you can simply order a small number of comments from copywriters to start with, which will become the basis for further activity;
  • Simplify the process. The easier it is for a visitor to leave a review, the more likely they are to do so. Therefore, place a call to action in a prominent place, and as an addition to the comment form, also offer the ability to quickly rate a specific product;
  • Show gratitude. People love recognition, and if you send a thank you email to a user who left a quality review, it is likely that this will encourage them to return to your online store site again and again, because here their opinion is valued.

In most cases, everything is much simpler than it seems at first, and many people are ready to share useful information and their feedback with others. You just need to push them a little.

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