What Do You Need To Know About Cold Calling Services?

Cold calling is a method of contacting people at random, or by a list of telephone numbers. The goal is to present a particular product or service to them so that sales or profits can increase. Of course, this is not the same as calling customers who have already subscribed to this service and are interested in the products the company offers. Cold calling occurs when a company comes to a database of telephone numbers and offers its services to potential customers who have never previously shown interest in it.

According to many people, this is a disturbing activity, because they have not left their number anywhere. Sometimes a person is asked hundreds of times for an offer, while others have never received such a call.

In the past, there were allegations of criminal activity, especially because telecommunications operators were involved in selling data to their customers. Sometimes, a random number generator is used and calls are made to complete strangers.

Nowadays it is considered an old-fashioned sales strategy, but still, it exists and brings many companies big profits. This is a particularly used method in phone sales, but many times people do not want to receive such calls at all.

What does it look like from the side?

Cold calling was once a successful sales method. Many people buy beautiful and quality products this way. But nowadays it is a really old-fashioned way and almost no one prefers to be harassed on their personal phone number. In fact, many people do not even pick up the phone when they see a call from an unknown number.

Today’s consumers know that there are more effective methods, so such calls seem like a desperate attempt to sell something. But it is obvious that cold calling still works somewhere because, in fact, it still exists as a sales method. There are even services that offer cold calling, such as

By knowing these things, it seems like this method is not dead at all, and there are still some benefits to using it. In this article, we will try to cover some of the most important aspects:

1. How do they get the phone numbers

There are many ways for a company to reach your number. This can be done in agreement with the telecommunications operator, or by collecting public data related to you. Many of them have methods to detect your phone number with which you use various services, such as home delivery, public groups on Viber or Whatsapp, as well as other social networks. In fact, today we almost give our data on a tray, and someone who knows how to get it can easily use it for cold calling.

So, instead of asking questions, you can politely ask to be removed from the phone list and hope that they will never call you again.

2. There is warm calling too

Warm calling is when the potential user is familiar with the service. Most often it can be a post on social networks or a newsletter email. If he shows some interest, he can call himself or ask to be contacted. Also, when browsing websites and certain products, you can subscribe to receive phone offers. This is a more efficient way and results in more calls turning into successful sales. Cold callings can be irritating because they have no context, are against the buyer’s wishes, and may not be relevant to them.

3. The first few seconds are crucial

There are ways to turn a cold call into a warm call if the approach is right. This means that there should be professionals who work in the call center and who know how to attract the attention of the user. We must emphasize that this method was far more successful, especially when the Internet was less available in homes. But nowadays, the number of successful cold calls is very small compared to the past. People are more informed and all services are easily accessible to them. Because of this, cold calling today is almost equal to harassment and people really hate these sales methods.

4. You get real feedback

If you use cold calls, you may find someone arrogant and unkind to you. But it is also feedback that you need to change your approach. Sometimes someone will listen to you and talk to your agent, which will help re-evaluate the team and the overall approach.

5. You can sell internationally

Many call centers actually work for foreign clients. This means you can sell in multiple territories. You will also encounter different shopping cultures. People are different, so it can easily happen that a customer from Germany rejects you, but in Belgium, you can easily sell. Of course, these countries are taken only as an illustrative example, so that you can become aware that the shopping culture is different everywhere.

6. Be aware of the downsides as well

Many people really hate unexpected phone calls. This can result in a lot of insolence towards the agent, but also the potential customers themselves can feel anxious. There is a good chance that your call will be terminated immediately and you must be prepared for that. There is also a good chance that you will interrupt an important task because people today are really busy and under a lot of stress.

Sometimes cold calling works flawlessly, but sometimes it cannot give a positive result for months. Of course, we recommend that you include social networks and emails, so you can get faster results. Phone calls are time-consuming and you will not be able to achieve your goals in a short time.


Nowadays it is really difficult to manage a call center and get the desired results. Although cold calls may remain part of your strategy, we recommend that you actually turn to more modern methods and embrace the benefits of modern social media advertising and the Internet in general.

Also, we hope everything will work well, and you will be able to sell your products or services properly.