Signs You’ve Chosen the Right App Development Company

If you run a business, regardless of your industry, you should strongly consider releasing a mobile app. An app can allow your customers to more conveniently access your services or purchase your products. It can also promote long-term brand engagement. Additionally, your own employees may use apps to perform key tasks at work.

Hiring a third-party development team to create your app is likely the best course of action once you have an idea of what type of app would most benefit your organization. Hiring an outside development team instead of building a new in-house department will save you a lot of money in the long run if your business’ overall development needs are fairly minimal.

Additionally, hiring a development company gives you the opportunity to research their track record and determine if they’re the right team for your project. This can be difficult if you’re putting together your own development department, as you’ll have to assess the individual experiences and qualifications of each job applicant.

How do you know when you’ve chosen a team you can trust to deliver a quality product? According to the development specialists at, the following traits and signs indicate you’ve hired reliable experts:


A strong development firm doesn’t merely prioritize creating products that deliver value to users. Yes, this is a critical factor, but it’s also important that a team places just as much emphasis on responding to client questions and feedback.

You’re trusting developers to create an app that can theoretically play a major role in your business’ ongoing success. Naturally, you may want to reach out to them at various points throughout the development process for status updates.

They should respond promptly and thoroughly when you do. While you can’t reasonably expect developers to respond within minutes of you sending an email, you also shouldn’t have to wait several days to hear back. When the team (or, more likely, project manager) does respond, they should also spend enough time addressing your questions to ensure you’re fully satisfied.


App developers should remember that a client may not be familiar with certain terminology and technical concepts. When a developer responds to your questions or explains their process, it should be apparent they’re making an effort to do so in a way you can understand.

Long-term support

Apps require some degree of consistent maintenance to continue working properly. A development company that cuts off its relationship with a client once an app has been delivered isn’t the type you want working on your project. You need to hire developers who express a willingness to offer post-delivery support.


Developers should be fairly prompt when responding to your emails or calls. However, promptness alone isn’t enough. You also need to feel they’re being honest and transparent in their communications with you.

Be suspicious of app developers who make excessively optimistic promises or claims when you ask for updates on their progress. When you contact a project manager, pay attention to the nature of their response. It shouldn’t sound as though they’re merely trying to appease you so they can end the conversation or email correspondence quickly. They should instead provide what appears to be an accurate and truthful summary of where they’re at in the development process and whether they’ve encountered any unanticipated challenges.


The developers who create your app don’t necessarily need to be as enthusiastic about the finished product as you are. While they should take some pride in their work, it’s only natural that you’ll be more excited about the completed app’s potential, given that your business is the one that most stands to benefit from the app’s long-term success.

That said, some degree of genuine enthusiasm on the part of your development team is a sign you’ve chosen the right specialists. Expressions of said enthusiasm can take many forms.

For example, developers creating your app may actively suggest their own ideas for improving upon the original concept. They might be familiar with new innovations that can enhance the features you want the app to possess, and will thus let you know they believe you should leverage such innovations to ensure your product is as strong as possible.

As long as a development team listens to your feedback, responds to your questions, and delivers a product that impresses both you and your users, you should be satisfied with their services. They don’t need to be as emotionally invested in the project as you may be. During the planning and development processes, though, you should feel more confident in your choice of app development company if the team members you speak with appear to have some authentic interest in the app you’ve tasked them to create.

A Focus on Improvement

The first iteration of an app often isn’t the final one, says experts from GeekyAnts. It’s not uncommon for businesses to release early versions of apps, gather feedback and observations from users, and make improvements based on their impressions.

It’s a very good sign if your development team generally indicates a desire to make improvements when necessary. On the other hand, if they guarantee you and your users will be fully satisfied with the first iteration, this may be a sign that they want to take your money and move on to the next client’s project as soon as possible instead of creating the best version of your app.

Just be aware that you may have to pay a little extra if you’re not thrilled with the first iteration. App development companies are still businesses. Developers can’t provide additional services at no cost because you decided you wanted them to spend extra time working on your project.

That said, if you’re worried that developers are simply claiming they can make improvements so they can continue billing you for their services, ask them to explain in specific terms how they plan on making improvements. Trustworthy app developers will prioritize thoroughly explaining why paying them to make certain adjustments now will yield a substantial return-on-investment in the future.

Make a point of seeking out these qualities in app development teams. When you do hire developers, pay attention to whether they continue to exhibit these qualities throughout the process as well. A development company whose teams are responsive, honest, and thorough is a development company likely to provide exceptional service.