Choosing a Car Color: Which Colors Are More Hard-Wearing and Why

There are various rumors and beliefs among motorists about various aspects of cars, driving styles, auto parts, and so on. Some of them are justified, while others are simply well-established among the people. One of these things is the choice of car color.

When you travel to the United Arab Emirates, where you can hire the most powerful iron horse at, you don’t think about the practicality of color. You are thinking about choosing the brightest and most powerful car possible. Also, the dilemma is whether to choose a powerful Dodge Challenger, McLaren 650S Spider, or Porsche Panamera, which are offered for rent by top-notch car rental services with high-quality customer service. You need to stand out from the crowd and drive a cool sports car.

However, when it comes to buying a car, many drivers pay special attention to color. Every driver wants to choose a vehicle color that will slower get dirty.

In this article, we will talk about the technology for creating paint and varnish coatings, as well as what color is the most hard-wearing.

Car paint application

Motorists have been arguing for years about which color is the most hard-wearing. Many people say that white is the best color because dirt is the least noticeable on it.

Any vehicle that you see on the road goes through the same process of coating body parts during the production stage. This process consists of applying a layer that protects the car from rust, applying a primer, color paint, as well as a clear coat of varnish on top.

At the same time, it should be understood that a transparent varnish is applied in large quantities to protect the color layer as much as possible. In this regard, it can be concluded that no matter what color the vehicle is, white or black, this color layer is covered with a huge protective layer. So the color does not affect how quickly the surface of the car becomes dirty. However, in any case, the optical perception of vehicle surfaces of different colors will be different.

The paintwork on dark colored cars


Whatever color you choose for your car, the protective layer on top wears out over time. In this regard, the owners can observe how various small scratches appear.

It may come as a shock to vehicle wash enthusiasts that if your vehicle has sand on it, the brushes can rub these sand particles into the car’s protective coating, after which you can see the scratches appear with your own eyes. Moreover, you can see this not after several times using the vehicle wash, but after the first time.

It is safe to say that the color layer affects whether the damage will be visible to everyone around. If you’ve ever paid attention to the scratches themselves, you may have seen that they have light-colored edges. Thus, one can guess that on white or silver cars, such damage can be completely invisible, or slightly noticeable. At the same time, on dark-colored vehicles, these damages will immediately become noticeable, even the smallest ones.

White or black


After reading the previous paragraph, many people will run to buy only light-colored cars. However, do not rush into making a decision. You may be surprised that white cars are more practical if we speak about scratches. However, if we are talking about serious damage that occurs due to accidents, then everything is turned upside down.

If you need to apply a new coating to damaged areas, then you will no longer be able to maintain a new look, especially on white cars. This is because white and silver colors have a huge number of shades, and therefore you will not be able to match the exact shade that is applied to your vehicle. However, black is easier in this regard. When choosing a shade, you can hardly go wrong and you can paint the vehicle so that no one will notice the difference.

Body protection

If you still want to buy a black vehicle that you have long dreamed of, then there is a chance to save the body from scratches and chips. You have the opportunity to make a special polishing of the body, which is done by applying a thin transparent protective layer.

The method of work is that the slightest scratches can be hidden by polishing with a thin protective coating. Thus, the color coating of your vehicle will be more protected from external aggressive factors. However, this coating will not last long. Already after the second trip to the vehicle wash, this coating ceases to fulfill its protective function.

Fortunately, you can use another method. We are talking about the ceramic coating. Unlike the first method, this coating is durable, and you don’t need to be afraid to go to the car wash. To achieve this effect, you should carefully check the services that do this. Pay attention to customer reviews to find a professional specialist. After the procedure, you can enjoy the beautiful color of your vehicle.

A new cover of recent years

In recent years, another type of coating has appeared, which should protect the vehicle body from scratches and chips. The novelty is a graphene coating which is characterized by a clear coating. Its essence lies in the fact that after polishing the body, a special ceramic coating of special hardness is applied.

You may be unpleasantly surprised by the cost of such coverage. This is also necessary to protect other body parts, especially glass. Before performing the procedure, each vehicle goes through the process of protecting other body parts, so that the coating does not spoil them.

Seeing your car after the procedure, you can truly enjoy the truly unique protective properties of the coating. Its self-regenerating properties begin to show when the air temperature is over 50 degrees Celsius. You do not need to come up with anything, because you can just leave the car in the parking lot, where the rays of the sun will fall.


When choosing a car, if you want to choose a color that will be the most hard-wearing, then you should choose light colors. However, if integrity is compromised due to an accident, then you are unlikely to choose the same shade. Maybe you will buy a car in a bright color that will bring you pleasure.

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