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Changing your Organizational Culture – Omnichannel State of Mind

The main question for many organizations worldwide are – Can our organizational culture be changed? The answer is: Yes. Besides being a key factor for defining how employees interact, share information and connect with customers, improving the organizational culture and the existing business state of mind should be very doable nowadays thanks to the technological advances and the way people interact with each other.

What is organizational culture and how can it be changed?

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Organizational culture is the way people in the organization interact, how they approach, and mainly how they are dealing with customers of the organization. Furthermore, it can be looked at how the organization has implemented the culture correctly using a well-defined strategy.

Changing the organizational culture doesn’t happen overnight. It requires the organization to change the entire way it operates, how its employees think and speak, and how customer issues are being addressed. However, in case properly planned to combine with a well-researched strategy changing organizational culture can be completed and result in an improved lifestyle, service, and dialogue between employees, managers, and customers.

The massive change organizations are going through nowadays in changing their organizational culture, for the most part, come in force thanks to technological advances and software’s which force them to become more tech-savvies based on their customer requirements and needs.

Omnichannel state of mind

When omnichannel first appeared around seven years ago, it has changed the entire state of mind in many companies and organizations worldwide. Moreover, the omnichannel solution firstly adopts and implemented correctly by enterprise-level companies and industry leaders as a must-have solution. Since then, it evolved every industry and how customers and companies are interacting.

When combining (for example) CommBox and omnichannel all together, you can create a very easy to use and impressive infrastructure that will be useful for both your customers and employees.

The omnichannel state of mind, when executed correctly, will change the entire organizational culture from end to end and will create a harmonious, elegant, and productive culture of how employees and customers interact with the organization.

The omnichannel approach comes to affect the omnichannel state of mind. That being said, the entire business state of mind will be changed in a seamless manner. It’s not easy to change how people are used to thinking, interact, or share business-related information inside or outside the organization. Still, when an omnichannel strategy is well planned and implemented, the change will be inevitable and undeniable.

Taking actions at the right time

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Being ready to change the organizational culture is one thing, but is it the right time for your business? Is your business prepared for this revolutionary change?

Primarily to taking any actions, organizations must think through all the consequences and risks involved in changing the organizational culture.

Building strategy, take surveys inside the organization, consult with specialists or business advisors, taking under consideration the costs involved are only the tip of the ice.

It is highly recommended that organizations will think of the outcome when thinking of changing the organizational culture. In many cases it might work if you’ll perform all the above mentioned, it also can:

  • Put your company in front of new technologies, making it technological adopted and more customer-oriented thanks to the omnichannel state of mind change.
  • It will reshape the organization’s core values and redefine the entire state of mind.
  • It will unify your internal teams and will make a stronger connection for both employees and customers.


An organization’s culture is the key differentiator between one to another. Organizational culture is the one thing that differs from one company from another, it might be similar in many cases, but it will never be identical. When a healthy organizational culture is implemented, it differentiates one business from its competitors and the entire business state of mind. A corporate culture with a multichannel approach to sales will include the company’s core values and believes that have been set by the company’s upper-level management and then reinforced through the omnichannel solution that will eventually shape the entire workforce of the business.