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Car Accident While Traveling in Florida – What You Need to Do

If you’re involved in one of the 395,000+ car accidents that occur in Florida each year, it’s vital that you know how to react. Here, we provide some essential tips that will help you cope with the aftermath of an accident in Florida:

Stay Calm

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First and foremost, stay calm if you’re involved in a collision. It’s easy to let your emotions overcome you when you’re caught up in a traumatic situation but staying calm will help you to react rationally and appropriately.

Request Medical Help


If anyone has been seriously injured, call 911 and request urgent medical assistance. However, it’s worth seeking medical help even if you don’t think you’ve been badly hurt. A trip to a local ER will ensure you’re properly assessed for injuries and able to access any treatment you might need.

Report the Accident

According to the law in Florida, you must report the incident to the police immediately if:

  • Someone is injured or killed
  • It’s a hit and run collision
  • The incident was caused by an intoxicated driver
  • Property damage worth more than $500 occurs

Although other types of crashes must be reported to the police too, you typically have up to 10 days to file a report for other types of car accidents. If in doubt, notify the police straight away.

Exchange Contact Information

It’s important to exchange contact information with other drivers involved in the incident, provided your injuries don’t prevent you from doing so. Before leaving the scene of the accident, it’s important to exchange contact information, such as your address and phone number, as well as your driving license information.

In addition to this, you should always carry information pertaining to your insurance policy so that this information can also be exchanged if an accident happens.

Gather Evidence

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The scene of a car accident can present a whole lot of evidence that can be used to prove who was responsible for the incident. Taking photographs of the vehicle and the road can help to determine how the accident happened, for example. Any evidence you can gather could be helpful at a later date, so be sure to capture as much as possible.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Florida

After a car accident, you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries, but you could also face a lawsuit from other parties if they allege that you’re the at-fault driver. By seeking advice and representation from car accident lawyers, like, you can protect your own liability and initiate a claim for personal injury compensation.

Safety First

Accidents, regardless of their severity, are unexpected events that can disrupt our routine and leave us feeling overwhelmed. While dealing with the immediate aftermath, it’s crucial to ensure personal safety and also make sure we’re equipped to handle the administrative and legal ramifications. This guide outlines a systematic approach to managing the aftermath of an accident effectively. In the wake of an accident, your safety and the safety of those involved is paramount. Before delving into details or assigning blame, it’s crucial to ascertain everyone’s well-being.

Once you’ve ensured everyone’s immediate safety, you should turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights. This is especially vital if the accident occurs at night or in low visibility conditions. If possible and safe to do so, move your vehicle away from the flow of traffic to prevent further collisions. For added safety, use warning triangles, cones, or flares to alert oncoming drivers, placing them at least 50 feet behind the vehicle.

Witness Information

Bystanders or witnesses can offer an unbiased account of the incident. This third-party perspective is invaluable, especially when there are discrepancies in the stories of the involved parties. Approach any witnesses calmly and request their contact information. Remember, witness statements can play a pivotal role in determining fault or liability, especially when insurance companies or legal entities get involved.

Contact Insurance Company

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Insurance agent working during on site car accident claim process – people and car insurance claim concept

In the digital age, many insurance companies provide 24/7 claim reporting services. It’s advisable to contact your insurer as soon as possible, even from the accident scene. Reporting the incident promptly helps in initiating the claims process and provides you with guidance on the next steps. Timely communication with your insurance company can aid in quicker claim processing and provides them with a fresh account of the event, rather than a recollection days later.

Preserve Evidence

In the world of claims and liabilities, evidence is king. From photos of the accident scene to damaged vehicle parts, every piece of evidence can bolster your claim or defense. Using your smartphone, capture various angles of the damage, skid marks on the road, or even the weather conditions. Preserving evidence isn’t just limited to photographs. If parts of your vehicle were dislodged during the accident, it’s wise to keep them. They could be crucial in insurance evaluations or potential legal proceedings.

Medical Follow-Up

While some injuries are immediately apparent post-accident, others, like whiplash or internal injuries, may manifest over time. Regardless of the perceived severity, it’s vital to consult a medical professional post-incident. Retain all medical records, bills, and prescriptions. These not only serve as evidence of injury but can also be critical when claiming medical expenses from insurance companies or at-fault parties. An accident can be a traumatic experience, but having a systematic approach can alleviate some of the stress. Prioritizing safety, gathering information, and ensuring medical and administrative follow-up are vital. Equip yourself with knowledge, so if you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, you’re prepared to navigate it with confidence and clarity.

Coping with a Car Accident

A car accident can be extremely traumatic, potentially causing PTSD and life-changing injuries, so don’t be surprised if you feel shaken or anxious in the days or weeks following the collision. Fortunately, you can access medical and legal help that will help you to manage the situation. By getting the practical and professional support you need, you’ll find it easier to overcome the negative consequences that often arise and be able to focus on your recovery following an unexpected car accident.