Buying Mobility Scooters Made Easy

A mobility scooter is a piece of electric equipment designed to serve those with impaired movement. Whether we are talking about elderly people or people whose illness or disability stands in the way of their mobility needs, an electric mobility scooter is an answer.

There are several types of these scooters – motorized and non-motorized, folding scooters, full-size standard scooters and heavy-duty mobility scooters as well. These can have from three, four or more wheels under a seat, and a steering arrangement that is similar to a car with a steering wheel or a motorcycle with handles or anything in between that seems ergonomically fit. Most of these scooters are battery-powered for convenience and their speed and mobility depends on the battery size and power output.

These aren’t too hard to find, several companies make these for years now, but the problem is their prices. Top-notch scooters like these can reach up to several thousand dollars, but thanks to you have a great place to turn for some serious discounts and brows a big inventory from small to big mobility scooters.

Below you will find a list of what we believe is the best scooter today, based on manufacturer recommendation and user feedback and on which you can find the best deals.

–       The Pride Pathrider Es 10 model is designed to make you more confident and comfortable. It is equipped with an LED headlight and a back-lit battery gauge.

–       The Pride Quest Foldable model is quite popular as it has an easily foldable design and is convenient to transport. This one also comes with front and rear LED lights.

–       The Pride PAthrider 140xl model comes with large pneumatic tyres. IT has a full lighting package that includes headlights and signal lights. Its pillow-top seat, rearview mirror and front shield are designed for your comfort.

–       Pride Go-go Ultra X 3-wheeled scooter has a modular design for your convenience and easy serviceability. It comes with an auto-connecting front to rear cable and an auto-latching lockup mechanism.

–       Pride Go-go Lx with Cts (Comfort-Trac) Suspension model comes with a CTS independent front and rear suspension, feather-touch disassembly, sleek style and standard lighting.

–       Pride Celebrity XI Dx model is designed for use outdoors. Its rugged exterior is meant for your safety and handling adverse weather conditions. Its ergonomic design will make you feel more independent and will allow for better postural positioning.

–       Pride Go-go Elite Traveller Plus is designed for your travel and better accessibility. If you need larger seating and have limited dexterity, this design will provide you with more stability and comfort. You will also find it easy to drive and transport, as it has a light frame and disassembly motion.

–       Pride Pathrider 130xl is the right choice for you if you want to go driving in rugged outdoor terrain. Its maximum speed is 12.4 km/h and has a sleek and sporty design.

–       Drive Medical Scout Portable Economy Mobility Scooter provides a max range of 21 km on a full battery charge. Its lightweight seat which also swivels 360°, is designed for your comfort. It provides a max speed of up to 6.5 km/h.

–       Drive Medical Scout Portable model features a lightweight seat that swivels 360°, and also an auto electromagnetic brake system. It also has removable seats and a fold-down tiller for your ease of transportation and storage.

–     The Pride Sportrider 3 Mobility Scooter has a stylish design and is comfortable. It is three-wheeled and has a rear box for your essentials. You will have a bright rear and front light and the seat, armrest and handlebar are adjustable. The battery range is more than 28 km and a speed of up to 10 km/h.

–     The Invacare Pegasus Metro Mobility Scooter is highly comfortable, safe and reliable. If you are a new user, you will find its ergonomic design equipped with so many features easy to use. It has a max driving speed of 12 km/h and can bear a max weight of 136 kg.

–     The Pride Pathrider 10dx Mobility Scooter has a sleek and sporty design and features that are unique to itself. It boasts a feather-touch disassembly, a wraparound easy-drive tiller and an LED curb light. It is not just comfortable, but stylish too. It also has a cup holder, oxygen tank holder, walker holder and a safety flag.

–     The Pride Celebrity Dx 3 Mobility Scooter has a simplistic and elegant design yet sporty. It has got a state-of-the-art rear suspension and a max speed of 9.65 km/h. The weight capacity is up to 159 kg. It also has a deluxe seat with a headrest and a manual recline.

–     The Pride Pathrider 10 Mobility Scooter is safe, reliable and comfy. It is designed for high performance and is great for the outdoors. Its feather-touch disassembly and puncture-proof tires are some of the many amazing features of this design. It has a max speed of 9 km/h.

–     The Drive Medical Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter delivers an excellent performance in all types of terrains. It has an all-round suspension and long-lasting batteries. The travel range is 48 km on full batteries and it can handle a maximum weight of 94 kg. The speed is up to 6.5 km/h.

–     The Solax Australia Mobile is designed for smooth mobility as it is foldable and portable. It is also a very stable scooter as it is four-wheeled. You will find it convenient to take around as it can easily fit in the trunk or the back seat of your car. It has a speed of up to 8km/h and a 115kg weight capacity.

–     The Scout Sport Quattro Mobility Scooter with all-round suspension provides a speed of up to 7 km/h and a max range of 20 km. It has a comfy design with deluxe cushioned seating and also an auto electromagnetic brake system.

This list contains some of the biggest and best-rated scooters out there. If you want to broaden your search for something we have missed feel free to browse other types from popular brands like Pride, Drive, Invacare, Solax, Scout, Genie, Sunrise Medical, and iLiving. There are more others and there are more refined and newer ones coming our way. This is all thanks to new technological breakthroughs that expand anything from battery autonomy to comfort, practicality, etc.


Mobility scooters offer several advantages. If you don’t have the stamina to operate a standard wheelchair, you will find it easier to use a scooter. Another advantage is that it does not look like a traditional wheelchair, as some people don’t like the look of using a wheelchair. These scooters are constantly being modified and upgraded by the manufacturers to better serve your needs, and you can foresee more varieties in the future.

The age where you couldn’t leave the house because your condition or illness is far past and we have a new age for that mobility impaired. You will be able to go to places you couldn’t imagine before, and trips outdoors, picnics, rides to the forest will be something normal for you.

Just a heads up for all you that are planning to buy one of these but don’t have money to buy brand new – watch out for a few things when going second hand like:

  • Electrical wiring – due to prolong stay outside these can get wet, or the sun may burn and crumble electrical wiring which is why it is always important to do a thorough electrical check before buying.
  • Look for any missing parts – most of the older type mobility scooters might not produce replacement parts so anything missing and broken might be tough to find and replace.
  • Check the battery – battery on these is important. Most manufacturers will probably still offer replacement batteries but its always good if you can find an original that has been preserved.