Is it worth buying a timber frame house in 2021?

Timber framing is an awesome way to personalize, customize, or start your home from scratch. Since the prices of timber have skyrocketed lately we all have one question on our mind – is it worth buying a timber frame home or do any kind of timber frame project?

The truth is that timber frame homes are really beautiful and there is no way you can opt for a bad design and get an unattractive home. Everything that is done in timber looks and feels more beautiful and natural. These few past years we are all returning to nature and we all want our little piece of it, and it mostly comes in structures made out of timber frame. As we mentioned above you can opt for an entire home, personalize a certain area, build decking or whatever else comes into mind.

The best thing about timber construction and timber frames is that some simpler tasks, you can do by yourself or with friends with almost basic tools. It is easy to use, easy to fit, handle etc. But if you are of those who like it finished fast, precise and without much hassle then you can opt for many companies that will do your timber frame house in a jiffy, one of those being Hamill Creek Timber Homes.

When you take a look at the building material market you will see a huge spike that has started sometime when the pandemic hit. Some say that this is due to shortage of material, availability of what was already produced and in stock, the pandemic hit that has shown its ugly face everywhere else as well as in this branch. Some experts from this field claim that this kind of spike in the pricing could be seen one other time and it was during and right after WWII, which is remarkable on its own. This means that the COVID pandemic has hit us hard just as the World war did. It is hard to wrap your mind around this, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

The year 2020 was so crazy that many of the companies who are building these timber frame houses couldn’t vouch or display their prices on their website for the general public. The reason behind that isn’t any kind of bad will or price scam it is simply because of the building material market. It was so volatile in that year that the prices of materials were changed daily. If you saw a house from timber frame you liked on Tuesday and you liked the price, the same house jumped in price just a day or two later. It was a crazy year that made a lot of companies that do the building and companies that do the delivery and raw material selling, grab their heads and scream from frustration.

When considering the price of your timber frame home you have to look at materials that are being used as well as where they are being used. Most companies that are with a short history will try and make sacrifices in the quality of timber to keep the price down as much as possible. The long history companies will not do that and they will bump up their prices according to the market which might mean that for the most the timber frame home might be out of reach for some time, at least financially.

If you can it is always a good thing to find a company that does these homes, that has a well thought and rounded system. What we mean by this is that these companies have their workers cutting down the trees, that they have their trucks that are going to transport these logs to the yard or a mill for further processing. If that sort of company has its mill as well then you can expect to get a great deal on your next timber frame project because that company does not depend on anybody but themselves. They can dictate the stocks of timber, they can – to an extent – dictate the price of their timber and all of that can greatly influence the price that you will hear when you sit with them at a table.

After we said all of this, we also have to say that despite all of the bad things on the market and the price sky rising tremendously fast, this is the best time to get yourself a timber frame home. If you think I am crazy, hold on and hear me out!

What allows a timber frame home to be a good investment in such a crazy time are interest rates. If your interest rate is lower than the cost of living it is free money for you. Interest rates nationwide are at their all-time low which is the thing that benefits you the most. This makes it the absolute perfect time to build a timber frame home or even a full log home, leave the city get yourself a bit of nature and peace. Interest rates haven’t been this low for God knows how long and if you do the math and your interest rate is lower than your cost of living then this type of investment is your simple and free money.

What most of these timber building homes companies have to say is that most of the prices on their sites are pretty much for educational purposes. Since the market hasn’t settled down yet you will see a lot of changes in pricing just not that volatile as you used to. Look around to see if there is something that piques your interest and when you chose do the calculation of interest rate vs the cost of living and see if it is financially viable, which we believe will almost always be. Go ahead and opt for a timber frame home, or even go further than that go for a log home, away from the city, away from the commotion. Give your head and body its peace and regenerate on a whole new level.

Home, made of natural elements in combination with true tranquillity and nature all around you will set your mind and body free.