Best Plastic Storage Containers

We are so heavily dependent on plastic that thousands of items are made from it, of which storage containers are one of those items. But plastic is a component that many people are divided on.

For starters, this component is the single most common polluter on the plant. Bottles made out of plastic, plastic bags, and anything of the kind is polluting our seas and rivers the most.

But not all plastic-made products are bad for the environment. Some, such as storage containers, serves a unique purpose that the importance cannot be overlooked.

There are dozens of plastic storage container types that we can use to store various things. They range in size and usability, and we are going to hopefully try and tell you of the best ones out there.

So, let’s start.

1. Bulk Containers


Bulk containers predominantly see their use in the transportation of cargo (or bulk) in larger quantities. These containers usually have a loading hatchet on the top of the storage unit and the hatchet is used for the goods to be placed inside.

As we mentioned, these containers predominantly transport cargo such as foods, spices, and many vital ingredients that we consume on a daily basis.

They are best for it because the dimensions to weight ratio perfectly match the needs of the manufacturers.

2. Cases


Cases are probably the units that you see a lot throughout the household. Cases made out of plastic are mostly used for storing tools and power tools.

All kinds of products can be stored in cases, making them one of the most important plastic storage containers out there. Cases are also used, to a great extent, in the business sector. Although not entirely made out of the component, sales representatives and businessmen carry cases with them at all times.

Cases vary in the type of plastic material and can range in all sizes and shapes. They are mostly made with a handle on top so that the user can conveniently carry the case with him.

3. Crates and Baskets


Crates and baskets see their use predominantly in the agricultural world with most fruits and vegetables being transported and stored in crates and baskets.

What’s even more interesting is that nearly 90% of all crates and baskets don’t need to be extremely durable, since the transportation of fruits and vegetables don’t require the crate or basket to be durable.

Also, nearly all the crates and baskets are manufactures by recycling other plastic products. Although they can be used for storing and transporting a variety of items and goods, it’s in the agricultural industry that sees the most use.

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4. Drawer Units


The best thing about drawer units is that they’re stackable, meaning one can go on top of another and so on and so on.

Drawer units aren’t used to store a unique item, but rather anything that can fit in them. They are very convenient, due to the fact that you can stack them, making them excellent for crowded or limited spaces.

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, which are very cheap and affordable.

We’ve mostly had drawer units as kids, and we’ve used them for storing our toys and books.

5. Tubs and Pans


Tubs and pans, like many other plastic storage containers, are used through plastic injection molding. This is a very important service that manufactures nearly all of our plastic products.

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However, back to the subject, tubs and cans don’t really have a unique use in the storage world. They can be used for a variety of things, but it seems that the food industry gets the most out of these.

This is because tubs and pans, although vary in price, generally don’t cost a lot. They’re quite affordable due to the fact that they’re mostly produced through recycling but can withstand quite high and low temperatures.

This means that you can take one with you to the freezer and the effects of the cold won’t bother the container too much.

6. Boxes


Whenever we think about any storage container made out of plastic, the box instantly comes to mind. But why haven’t we included it in the number spot? Why this low? Well, once upon a time, plastic boxes were used for everything.

As time went on, and new things were invented, the box saw its use limited to only a number of things.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t use boxes in our current time. We use boxes mostly for storing and transporting merchandise, objects, and various goods.

Like most containers out there, boxes can vary in size, shape, and can come in many colors.

The best thing about boxes is that they’re excellent as a domestic organizer. They’re also affordable, resistant to hot and cold temperatures, and easily transportable.

7. Hobby & Craft


Hobby & Craft plastic units look a lot like cases. But the main difference between both is that hobby & craft units are mostly smaller and used to store items that are used in arts & crafts and various hobbies such as fishing equipment.

Like most of the others we’ve mentioned on this list, hobby & craft units are very affordable, durable, can withstand extreme temperatures, and are very transportable.

They can be used over & over and are currently a big trend in the pharmaceutical industry, toy industry, hardware, and storing jewelry.

8. Tanks


Tanks can come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and from a lot of materials. PVC tanks are probably the hottest trend in the plastic container industry nowadays; due to their heavy-duty surface that gives it a lot of protection.

Naturally, we can use PVC tanks for a lot of things, but the plating, chemical processing, and various niche industries have the best use of these.

Unlike most of the units, we’ve discussed, tanks and their PVC counterparts are very expensive and not recommended for usual household storage.

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