Bear Grylls Teams up With Rajinikanth

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, better known as Rajinikanth, is a popular Indian actor that after filming more than 160 movies, made a television debut recently. He teamed up with famous survival expert Bear Grylls in one episode of a Grylls’s tv show. Even though is a 69-yeard old man he has no problem with climbing and wading through a jaunty day. However, he still finds enough time to push his ideology, very subtly.

During the episode, Rajinikanth spoke about Kavithalayaa, a former director of one production house who was responsible for the making of this collaboration with the Discovery Channel come true. He referred to him as KB, and talked about him as his mentor and the person who completely changed his life, and that he owes much to him.

The latest installment in Grylls’s range of adventure/survival shows if following the footsteps of the previous installment called “Man vs Wild”. In one of the episodes of the previous shows, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was featured. Grylls talked with Rajinikanth about how he was surprised because of the humor of the prime minister.

The 40-minute episode had the main topic, and that was water. Rajinikanth spoke about his ambition to link all of the rivers across India. The duo spends their day in Karnataka, at the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, where they were navigating through an array of, at first sight, simple tasks. The public witnessed some serious talk between them as well as some moments we would gladly call bromance.

Moreover, Rajinikanth spoke about several adventures from his life. He even said that he would like to travel the whole country on a bus. The last time he did that, he was in disguise in Bangalore. Also, he gave an insight into some moments of his journey to becoming a famous actor. This was just one of the heartfelt elements of the episode who were keeping this episode is much more than an average survival show episode.

Furthermore, they actually stumbled across some more serious obstacles. They needed to cross a 50-ft drop on a rusty bridge, and they only had a rope to help them to cope with it. Also, they needed to retrieve a camera that was used for filming wild animals for a couple of days and to trek down a ravine to gather some water from a stream in order to send it for a lab testing.

The chemistry between the duo can be called a decent camaraderie. This was pointed out by some of the observers who wrote that they have the potential to do some more projects in the future. At one moment Rajinikanth eve said that his whole life is a miracle to him. At the same time, Grylls provided us with some of the most emotional and memorable moments from him in this episode.

Besides Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Kamal Haasan, and Madhavan were also featured in guest roles. They wished good luck to their friend. Grylls even talked about how to make his signature move with sunglasses. Finally, Grylls provided us with his favorite quote in life “This too shall pass”. Near the end of the episode famous actor and politician expressed his hope that his country with completely remove unemployment and poverty, and that they need to be economically rich too, not just culturally.