A Discussion about Arbitrary Dismissal and Contract Drafting Dubai

The advocates in Dubai have established a few regulations to govern and organize the issue of employment contract termination, whether it occurs by the employer or the employee, so that it will be legal if it occurs in a certain set of circumstances otherwise it will be seen as arbitrary dismissal. Arbitrary Dismissal refers to any type of termination or forced resignation that occurs for reasons that are illegal, illegitimate, or in violation of the government’s specific norms and regulations. As per the new Law, it has not been like before. Though, still, employee can ask for the termination but now it needs to be proved better than before. An employer may discharge a worker immediately only in the following circumstances:
  • Uses a fictitious name or nationality, or paperwork.
  • Appointed on probation period but terminated during probation.
  • Commits an error that causes the employer to suffer a significant material loss, provided that the employer notifies the labor department of the incident within 48 hours of becoming aware of it happening.
  • Disobeys instructions about workplace or work-related safety, provided that such instructions are in writing, displayed in a visible location, and verbally delivered to the worker, in the event that he is illiterate.
  • Fails to perform his fundamental obligations under the employment contract notwithstanding a written questioning and a warning that he will be fired if the failure to perform continues.
  • Discloses any trade secrets of the company where he works.
  • Is ultimately found guilty of a crime against honor, honesty, or public morality by a competent court.
  • Discovered Drunk, Tranquillizers, Drugs etc
  • He misses more than seven consecutive days of work or more than 20 consecutive days without a justifiable excuse in a single year.

Avoid terminating a contract, whether you are the employer or the employee, based solely on your personal knowledge; instead, seek legal counsel from Dubai Attorneys and Legal Consultants who often deal with such matters. This will help you avoid unnecessary risk.

Contract Drafting Job

To make sure that you and your client have the same expectations for the work to be done, a service agreement specifies start and end dates for the assignment, additional deadlines if necessary, and other procedures and project information. Contract Job Drafting should be by the expert Emirati Lawyers.

  • A contract imposes legal obligations on two or more parties. When you agree to perform certain services for an entity under the terms of a contract for services, you agree to do so in return for payment from that entity. If a contract’s terms are precisely defined, they are enforceable in court.
  • In order to ensure justice and the protection of all parties, it is crucial that you reveal all pertinent information. Following circumstances frequently call for contracts:
  • Buying and selling a vehicle.
  • Purchasing a home.
  • Opening a new position.
  • Publications of books and other works of art occur.
  • Home remodeling
  • Finding construction employees to hire.
  • Offering to provide services in exchange for payment.

A general contract for services is very helpful if you wish to give or receive services from another party. The relationship between the offeror and the offeree is described in this contract. Such a contract specifies the conditions for the rendering of services, the amount of compensation, the timing and mode of payment, as well as other commitments under the contract.

What Makes a Written Service Agreement Useful?

Verbal contracts are risky. Your client might visit several service providers and think the work you mentioned was done by someone else. You risk missing important information, such as situations when extra charges might be necessary. Written service agreements lessen the possibility of disagreements and even litigation resulting from these kinds of errors and misinterpretations. Advocates in Dubai will give you the proper guidance on how to prepare the legal documents with all of the clauses which are proper laws.

How to find a good service provider for service agreements?

The best way is to find out the service provider is online. Nowadays online mediums are good sources to choose a few and pick one service provider. What are they capable of doing, the expertise they have, how long they have been operating, each and everything can be found, online. It saves time to explore the right services and the right service provider. We all know very well about the Emirati Lawyers in UAE. These are the Lawyers who are only allowed to open the Law Firms in UAE. Therefore the Emirati Law Firms and the well noted Emirati Lawyers are the first priority. They must be provided with the priority over others. Let us explain to you, one more thing that Fee Structure can stop you from hiring the good Lawyers. We agree that service agreement job is not a court case. But let us tell you that the contract drafting and review job is not less than the job in courts, especially in civil matters or hifi corporate matters. Therefore fee must be kept the second factor and the first factor must be hiring the best lawyer and the best name in the market. Please do not go for freelancers or any other lawyers. Prefer to hire the Emirati Lawyers from Emirati Legal Establishment Company. They offer the job with trust and reliability.

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