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Why Digital Freelancers are Starting to Use One-Stop Service Providers


Who are digital freelancers?

Digital freelancers, also known as digital nomads, are people who work various jobs in the branch of telecommunications technologies in order to make a living. However, they perform their jobs in a nomadic manner. 

Regular nomads are people who do not have one single place of living. Instead, they move around and travel, and essentially live out in the world. They are always on an adventure and are constantly moving around. This is exactly what digital nomads do, except they do it strictly for their jobs. They often work remotely from abroad, or they go out to coffee shops, public libraries, co-working offices, or even vehicles.

Since all of them do their work over the internet, they use devices with a wireless Internet connection, such as laptops, notepads, tablets, and smartphones. This means they can do their work from wherever they find a place with an Internet connection, which in the modern world is around each corner. 

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The culture of digital nomads is widespread, and is more and more popular, especially among younger people who search for financial independence and a different kind of career. They do it for positive reasons, mainly to escape the norm of 9 to 5 jobs and waiting for salaries. Some also become freelancers because of a reduced amount of desired full-time employment, current political situations, and high costs of living in their home country.

However, this line of work comes with some challenges as well, including most everything that regular job positions include and have covered. 

One-stop providers

This is where one-stop service providers, or service solutions, come in. These companies have been established with digital nomads in mind. They are their primary concern, focus, and customers. But what are one-stop providers?

A one-stop-shop, as it was called, is an office where many different services are offered, meaning the customers are able to get everything they need in “one-stop”. They first appeared during the 1920s and were a business model that offered customers the ease of finishing multiple needs and chores in a single location, instead of driving around and visit different places. In the world of freelancing, a one-stop provider is a company that provides everything that an average digital nomad may need.

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Since they work only for themselves, they also have to think about their own taxes, insurance policies, documentation work, and paperwork, travel plans and vacations, and workspace. With regular jobs, different departments are responsible for these employee needs. Since freelancers work alone, they need assistance with these important segments.

Many providers allow them just that. For example, companies like have a lot to offer. They will manage the paperwork, invoicing, monthly administration, taxes, bureaucracy requirements, accounting, insurance, and whatever else they may need. Most also offer 24/7 workspace that is freelancer friendly, meaning offices with comfortable furniture, plenty of lighting, and Internet access. These places are true communities where you can also socialize with your colleagues like you would in a real company. Meet other IT professionals, and work without fear or stress regarding the boring and confusing world taxes and accounting.

As a freelancer, you started this career to be independent and do what you are good at, only for yourself. Therefore, why not save your time and energy, and have peace of mind while using the services of a one-stop provider?