Most Anticipated MMO PC Games in 2021

The Massively Multiplayer Online genre, or MMO as it is commonly known, is one of the most popular game genres out there. Each year sees a new line of MMO games getting released that are better and filled with more adventure than their older counterparts. 2021 is no exception to this rule and this year is considered to be the most ambitious year for MMO gaming with several titles that promise adventure and fun to its players.

There are several MMO games releasing this year that fans are anticipating for their release. New MMOs means new worlds, new characters, new stories and new grinds. However, there are several websites that allow you to skip the grinding part and enjoy the game world directly. If you too are interested in gaming like this, you can check out this website here to do so.

That being said, many fans are still unaware about the MMO games that are releasing this year. If you too are one of them, then don’t worry, because we have you covered. In this article we will go through several anticipated MMO PC games in 2021 that are worth the anticipation and wait. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on any good MMO game!

New World


The creation of the newly formed game studio of Amazon Studio, New World is one of the most exciting MMO projects of this year. It was set to release in the earlier parts of 2021 but as of the moment we are writing this in mid-September, it looks like the game will be fully released by September end.

New World might sound like it’s set in a new alien or extraterrestrial world but you might be surprised to know that it is situated right on our own Earth, way back in 17th century America. While the game seems to retain realism for most of its worldbuilding, fans that love fiction can stay relaxed because the trailer promises exciting new monsters for them.

The graphics look excellent, the worldbuilding seems amazing and the roleplaying is out of the world with the availability to play as anything you want – from a simple farmer to a pirate to even a monster hunter, the choices you can pick for your character are endless.

Another reason why New World is so hyped is because it is being developed by one of the largest companies on the planet, so budget is not an issue. If the game stays up to its hype, we just might have one of the most promising MMOs after Genshin Impact and WoW.

The Day Before


Ever since The Last of Us series was concluded back in mid-2020, fans had an itch to play the game again but as a multiplayer rather than single player. Well, with The Day Before, that dream just might come true.

The Day Before is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you need to do everything in your power to survive the harsh environments, hordes of zombies and even other survivors looking to kill you and loot your body. It is not an easy game by any means and you will need to fully cooperate with other players around you to survive in the harsh world.

It may seem like a confusing fusion of a lot of zombie survival games but what the developers have shown us about the game till date looks extremely promising. If the actual game holds true to the features the developers are showing us now, we might have an excellent modern zombie survival MMO game at our hands.

Dual Universe


Dual Universe is what you would get if Minecraft and No Man’s Life had a baby who had new features of his own to add. Dual Universe is a space simulation MMO that has a fully editable universe where players can create their own civilization, technology and spacecraft. Sounds promising? It gets better.

The MMO will have massive options for interacting with other players such as trading, advanced space warfare and, to get protection from said warfare, their own alliances. What’s better is that according to a few sources, there won’t be separate regional servers for playing the game but instead a single giant one that will host players from all across the world.

The ability to craft anything you want in your own world and build your own civilizations in your universe is something else entirely and fans of space simulation games who dabble in MMOs from time to time are going to love this game.

Ashes of Creation


One of the other most anticipated MMO of 2021 has got to be Ashes of Creation. This game is absolutely stunning with the game entirely based on the newest game engines. The result is that while the game looks one of the best visually pleasing MMO games till date, it also might be one of the most demanding ones.

But will it be worth emptying your wallet for a RTX graphics card? You bet! Ashes of Creation offers an amazing role playing experience that is unique for each one of their servers. Similar to Genshin Impact, it has a node exploration method that allows you to explore a small portion of the world at a time.

All players can roleplay as anything they want, hold actual land on the game’s servers and even siege castles!



Coming down to a much more peaceful MMO that is similar to Stardew valley and Animal Crossing, Palia is the result of developers from Riot, Blizzard and Zynga. Obviously, players have extremely high hopes from the game and the few glimpses the game has offered so far, it looks absolutely incredible.

Instead of thrusting you into direct combat, Palia allows you to roleplay peacefully as any character you want and allows you to build friendships and relationships with the people around you. You can adopt pets, cultivate farms, trade and for the daring of you, fight off wolves outside the city’s boundaries. There are a lot of things you can do in Palia and the game offers a much-needed peaceful escape from other games that require grinding and constant combat.


There are several amazing MMOs that are being released in 2021. We hope this list provided you insights on some of them and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.