An apprentice from City University London allegedly appointed a professor from Cambridge and UCL to write her concluding thesis

After the American universities became the target of bribed admissions, now it seems that the UK is becoming prone to it. Elite parents use illegal and immoral ways just to grab an admission in a high-profile university.

A recent survey, conducted by the University of Swansea, revealed the truth that almost 15.7% of students admitted to cheating.
Cheating is made easy by the introduction of such companies which ensure the Anti-plagiarism.

Now the query arises!!

How come they gather the courage to do it? A room secured wholly by security locks can be robbed away only when a person who knows the code is alleged to be involved in the robbery.

The same case is here. The professors from inside the university are involved in such type of bogus admissions because of being heavily bribed by elite parents.

Recently, a scandal seizure the attention of media. A student namely, Blanche de Bernardi, studying criminology at the City University London, took private classes from a renowned professor from Cambridge University and UCL. Initially, she wanted to take help to write the final thesis herself, but later on, when she became aware of the fact that she is unable to do this tiresome project, she bribed the tutor to write the thesis for her instead.

And guess what!! The professor sold his talent just for £3.500, as per source from the University.

But, regrettably for Blanche de Bernardi, she got trapped during the checking process and University decided to probe more about her work.

Currently, she is going through the process of probing, but not much information is disclosed by the university, as it is a disregard for the university as well.

It is crystal clear that she is going to face the penalty for the wrong she did, but it is still to be unveiled that what type of punishments are waiting for her in near possible future. It might be possible that she may lose the seat and get expelled from the university.

She has not only lost the golden opportunity and wasted her important years of life but she has smeared herself with an un-washable blot.

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