American Retreat


Four years ago, the United States discovered what their interests around the globe were. President Barack Obama showed the American people that many interests of the country, as well as principles, could be surrendered in several hours. Namely, Obama announced the prisoner exchanged with Cuba and his decision to normalize the relations between the two countries putting the most basic American principle at risk.

According to the Washington Post, Obama offered the Castro brothers an “undeserved bailout” in exchange for no liberalization at home. Senator Robert Menendez noted that this rewarded the Castro system and the brutal behavior of the two brothers. Marco Rubio, another senator, stated how this would have negative effects on the US people. He wrote: “Mr. Obama’s new Cuba policy is a victory for oppressive governments the world over and will have real, negative consequences for the American people.”

The White House insisted that the US didn’t trade three Cuban spies to have Alan Gross released. Alan Gross worked for the US Agency of International Development, and he was arrested in Cuba. This only showed that American hostages could be used as bargaining pieces. Obama made matters worse when he tried to normalize relationship with Cuba, which gave an impression as if Cuba managed to smash the US policy just by taking one man a prisoner.

Not only did Obama’s decision undermine the American principle, but it also challenged the federal government. In the past, together with the president, the Congress has established the policy towards the island, and three major Acts were introduced – the Cuban Democracy Act in 1992, Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act in 1996. Obama has ignored the Congress and its role in this decision, and the world placed him under the microscope for this move.

To make matters worse, Sony Pictures announced that the release of “The Interview” would be canceled and that the company would capitulate to the demands of the “Guardians of Peace” hackers. According to the FBI, the North Korean government was responsible for Sony attack. These two events happened in the matter of hours and America showed that it was no longer the force it had been. Before the Sony Picture’s made this decision, the press in the United States had received some disturbing information. Namely, they received leaks that a Sony executive and a producer made racist jokes about Obama in the latest James Bond script. All the media covered this news which only made it worse for the US and they were losing its first cyber war.

North Korea threatened the USA that they would pull off 9/11 on any theater that showcased the movie, which caused some to give up on the premiere. Consequently, Sony Pictures had to abandon the film which meant that the freedom of expression was undermined. The United States lost in this war, and they were ashamed, but Obama and his administration were figuring out the way how to respond. What they should have taken into consideration is that Pyongyang threatened the United States. Furthermore, their government committed constant crimes against its own people as well as its neighbors, and they should have been listed as the sponsor of terrorism.

America backed away from its own principles on these two occasions. Obama administration made mistakes that should not be repeated by the current POTUS and his associates. The freedoms at home are something every American has the right to, and they must be granted that freedoms. Anyone who is looking to undermine such freedoms should be considered an enemy of the USA and its people. Four years have passed since this “hostage exchange,” and the Sony Picture’s “The Interview,” but not much is done regarding North Korea and its involvement in the second scandal.

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