A Simple Guide To Amazing Couple Poses

Couple photography might seem like one of the easiest types of photos to capture when it really isn’t. You would think that because it seems logical; two people in love… how hard could it be? It actually can be difficult.

A major issue a lot of couple photographers in Dubai, have had is getting the couple to strike a pose. With the help of The Photography Co., here are several tips you could try.

Here are a few steps to guide you in this process;

Make Them Talk About Romance and Happy Moments

The best way for couples to pose naturally is to get them to talk about romance on the set. This will not only increase communication between them, but it will also loosen them and not feel as awkward as one would. Photography isn’t easy, and having to coordinate couples that aren’t used to it is harder than one might think. Happy moments, on the other hand, will make them chuckle and laugh which gives you the perfect moment to strike the perfect photograph.

Be Specific With Instructions

One of the best ways to achieve amazing poses for your clients is by directing them. While some couples can pose freely, others can’t. What you can do here is give them examples of what they should do by doing the pose yourself. This way, they will see that there is nothing wrong or awkward with the pose and will start following your instructions. Here are a few examples of the best couple photography poses:

  •       Walking Pose

You can get great shots as they move. They can either walk towards you or away from you as you take epic shots. In this pose, it’s key that you use your surroundings to bring out the most in the photo. A great example of a walking pose is to have her walk just a small bit in front of him while holding his hand.

  •       Sitting Pose

The sitting pose is also another one that allows you to produce excellent shots of your clients. The sitting pose is most popular on the beach. However, you should never insist on having your clients in their swimming suits, as it would only look unprofessional. Instead, have them sit together on a blanket and take the shot from behind.
  •       Dancing Pose

Having your subjects dance with or without music in the open helps with really great pictures. Most times they end up excited, bubbling with laughter and smiles. All great content for the couple photoshoot in Dubai.

Bring Them Close To Each Other

Another great way to get a great couple poses is by asking them to get closer. The essence of capturing a couple’s photography in Dubai is to showcase their love and affection. Bringing them even closer together is a great way to do this. There are several poses you can capture;

  •       Hugging Pose

This pose is basically inevitable, as it is instinctive for couples to hug as they take photos. They can decide which is perfect; tight hugs, face to face hugs, standing, sitting, anyone is great. But the reason as to why this pose is so great is that it perfectly shows the emotions between the two.

  •       Leaning on Something

This pose essentially has the woman stand in from of the man, whilst both leaning on something. If you’re taking the picture at the beach, then you can make them lean on a large rock. If you’re taking the picture in the park, then a large tree would be the perfect extra for the photo.

  •       Kissing Pose

Couples kissing isn’t brand new, so this can happen as they get closer. They could do this sitting or standing, whatever floats their boat. You can get extra creative with this one as the options for angles are limitless. You can have them kiss in the sunset and adjust the lens in a way that the sunbeams go around them, you can take a picture of only the bottom part of their faces (lips down), or choose from the dozens of examples you can find on the internet.

Make Use Of Your Environment

Even though in couple photography the focus has to be on the actions of the clients, you can put the environment to good use. Adapt the poses to the elements available at the location. Be creative and just have fun with it. This idea can birth the leaning pose.

Have your clients lean on a wall really makes for a great shot. They could, also, be gazing at a scenic view as they lean on a wall. Come up with amazing ideas that are romantic and cute.

Capture Photos Of The Couple Unaware

An excellent tip for taking images of a couple together is taking photos without their knowledge. Try staying a distance from them and framing them with leaves or other environmental factors. Surely, you’ll get enough stunning content to work with, as long as they’re in love.

Wrapping It Up

There are literally so many poses to experiment within couple photography. All you need to do is ensure they are comfortable with you and it will be super easy to get candid pictures. We love The Photography Co in Dubai’s couple photography images, be sure to check them out for some inspiration on types of poses and angles which are great.

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