8 Birthday Present Ideas for Wife

Whether it is her birthday, your anniversary or any other occasion you probably want to give yourself to your wife that will seem thoughtful and unique. You have probably shared dozens of birthdays together, and thinking of something new every single time can be difficult. Getting her a bouquet is a bit basic, especially since it is for her birthday and a pack of chocolates is not thoughtful enough sometimes. Although, this heavily depends on the type of relationship between you two and what your wife likes or dislikes.

So, if you want to give her something very special, you will need to do some research to find the ideal gift. You will have to consider every gift you have given her in the past, what her wishes were these last couple of months and a bunch of other factors that may influence what you ultimately buy.

However, sometimes, no matter how much you give it thought, you simply cannot come up with something that is thoughtful and unique. Fortunately, if you keep reading you will find a list of birthday presents for wives which might give you inspiration.

A book

It might be a bit basic and cheap, but thinking of the next perfect read for your wife is actually quite a thoughtful idea. Find something that’s popular and something that will definitely attract the attention of your wife.

Getting the right book will give her the idea that you have spent a lot of time thinking of her and that is exactly what you have done. A simple birthday present, but definitely effective.


You can never go wrong with jewelry as a present for a birthday. No matter how much you decide to spend on a necklace, she will definitely love it and constantly wear it. If you do not want to go over the top by spending thousands of dollars on a diamond necklace, we recommend you either go for something simple and silver, or a golden chain with smaller jewels for some contrast.

Remember, if you feel like something is out of your budget, it is much better that you first consult with your partner before you make the purchase. There’s no point in buying something that she might not like, right?

If you want the necklace to be a bit more personalized, we recommend you talk with the jeweler to engrave hers or your name.


Wallets are always a necessity, no matter if you are a man, woman or even just a child. In a wallet, you can keep your cash safe, your credit cards, ID card, driver’s license and anything else valuable that you might carry with yourself.

However, you probably already know how difficult it is to find the right one that can store all of your items while still looking fashionable. Well, finding the right one for women is even more difficult. So, why not get her a nice leather wallet that will last her for years and years? The better quality leather you get, the more it will last. If you want high-quality leather wallets, check out Von Baer.

Make sure you first analyze how much wallet space she needs before you buy one. Find out whether she needs a thin or a bulky one.

Matching pajamas

There is definitely nothing cuter than a couple that shares the same pair of PJs. Find something that both of you will feel comfortable in and make sure that you get her the right size. This is a great idea as a birthday present because you are showing her that you want to share even the most menial tasks together with her. You want to share all kinds of experiences.


Getting a watch as a birthday present is a classic. You can never go wrong with this idea. Who doesn’t like a new watch for their next night out? Make sure that you pick the right design to fit her clothing style. You might pick a beautiful watch, but if you don’t get the right colors she might never get the chance to wear it.

A trip to the spa

If you are the type of couple that is constantly working throughout the week then you probably can’t find a lot of free time to spend together. You hope to do something together on the weekends, but then you feel tired and the need to rest. Week after week this can make couples feel a bit distant from each other.

Fortunately, there are definitely ways to deal with this. So, for her next birthday, you should consider getting her a coupon for a spa day. However, instead of getting her just one coupon, get one for yourself too. Surprise her with the idea that you can both go on a weekend to enjoy some stress-free time alone. Sharing together baths, showers and massages will definitely make you feel like a newly-wed couple.

Once you get back, you’ll both feel refreshed and relaxed ready to take on anything your work throws at you.

Coffee maker

There is definitely nothing worse than getting up in the mornings, especially after the weekends. If your wife is a light sleeper then she probably drinks a bunch of coffee at work. But, why should she spend hundreds of dollars every week at work to get a cup of coffee when she can get one at home?

Get her an advanced coffee maker that can make her a coffee in less than a minute. Not only will this be cheaper, but it will also be faster and much tastier for her. A good cup of coffee will definitely make her feel better throughout the workdays.

Bath Bomb


If your partner cannot find any free time for herself after work then why not create an atmosphere at home to relax? Get the bath running with hot water just before she gets home and greet her with a bath bomb. Lead her to the bathroom, drop the bath bomb and then let her have some alone and relaxing time for her birthday.


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