7 Ways to Make Money With a Drone

Drones have gained extreme popularity over the last few years. They were used mainly for military assignments but they are now very easily accessible to everyone. In spite of the skeptical prognosis, drones are here to stay and their popularity steadily increases. The sales so far have exceeded one billion dollars in the U.S. alone. This says enough about their use, practicality and overall popularity among people. They are now very affordable which enables entrepreneurs to use their power for various purposes. Here are a few ways to make money with a drone.

  1. Making photographs with drones

Photographs are sometimes hard to make and some customers simply want unusual angles, pictures taken on multiple areas and hiring more people can be costly. On the other hand, by using a drone, you can get a better angle, shoot up close and establish a name for yourself as a person who knows how to make the best photographs of music concerts, festivals, and weddings.

Choose your niche and polish your skills while putting some cash into your pockets. It is essential to spend some time exploring the options that the drones can give you as a photographer, so when the time comes to work for a client you can really say that you’ve mastered the skills necessary for good photography.

  1. Use drones for aerial viewing

Sometimes there is a need for aerial viewing, inspection, or taking pictures from the air and it is much easier and cheaper to do it with the drone instead of paying an enormous amount of money for a helicopter or a plane. The reasons can be very diverse, such as digital mapping, topography, feature recognition, archaeology or recordings that can be used for short films or music videos. The uses of drones are very diverse and it seems like the ways they can be used are endless.

Utility companies have been using helicopters and airplanes for many years before drones appeared. Drones are much cheaper and safer because they only require human guidance from a safe distance without any danger which is pretty rewarding by itself. Because of their size, they can be used just about anywhere.

  1. Selling drones

Considering that so many people want to purchase drones, opening a store for selling drones, can be a great endeavor that can become profitable pretty fast. There are two ways to start this type of business – to open a store, invest some money to buy a number of models and start advertising, and the other way – opening an online store where you don’t have to have a lot of products in stock, and focus more on establishing your presence online. Once you gain the first customer, it will become easier for you to grow your reputation. Make sure you build a good relationship with your customers because there is no better advertisement than a satisfied client. Also, if you own old drones that you don’t need any more, you can sell them and earn some money this way too.

  1. Renting drones

This is a very smart way of utilizing your drone. The need for drones is enormous and it is steadily growing. Some people simply don’t want to invest a lot of money if they only need it for a day or two. This is when the renting part comes in. You can rent the drone you own to someone who needs it for an affordable price, making a win-win situation – you will earn money, while your customer will have the drone at a reasonable price. Just make sure you have the insurance in place in case something happens to it, so you don’t have any additional expenses.

  1. Drone reparation

Considering that drones cost a significant amount of money, investing in improving your knowledge in drone reparation and becoming an expert can be very profitable and cost-effective. It is certain that you would get numerous customers in a short period of time because the reparation costs less than buying a new one. Customers don’t like waiting for days to get their drones repaired – is not fun at all, so providing a fast and reliable service will surely bring your money fast.

  1. Become a drone programmer

Besides the hardware that is very much visible, the software is what counts. Without it, it would be useless, so taking the time to learn everything you can about the software, is definitely profitable. There are a lot of startups and programming companies that appear on the market constantly, so it is something to consider. If you already have programming skills, then upgrading them would mean that you can offer your services to the drone users. This is something that has a very high potential. Learn everything you can about the options that drones can offer and learn how to utilize them and show your customers how to make the most of it.

  1. Organize a course about drones

Because of all these previously mentioned reasons, lots of people would surely invest in a course about drones. If you’ve become an expert in drone functions and you’ve learned all the essential characteristics about them, share your knowledge. This especially applies to the knowledge about making photographs and videos with drones. Considering that these two areas are still unexplored, it is certainly profitable to shed some light and share some tricks and insights that you personally discovered and learned from various sources. Providing all this information in one place will surely get you the attention you want, so you can profit from it. came up with over 25 different drone business ideas and these were the ideas that we think are the best of the bunch. Choose the idea that is the most appealing to you and create a good plan that can help you achieve your goal – make a profit and develop your skills while offering a good and quality service to your customers.

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