5 Ways to Make Money with Email Marketing – 2020 Beginner’s Guide

Ever since the internet came out, people started thinking about ways that they can make money while using it. Some came up with an idea of online shops, others ran surveys or mined Bitcoin. There are endless possibilities when it comes to making a living online, and one of them is E-Mail Marketing.

When it comes to marketing, we can’t neglect that the entire industry completely changed when people got introduced to the internet. Long gone are the times when someone called you on your landline to talk about a certain product, and you no longer see people knocking on your door talking about a free promotion tryout.

With an internet connection, people can advertise through their computers, without wasting nearly as much time as some of the previously-mentioned methods required, and they can reach a hundred times more people than what they could before.

There are numerous types of online marketing, but one of the most popular ones that’s still very effective up to this day is E-Mail marketing. If you are a beginner in this industry, and you’re looking to hone your skills, feel free to stick with us until the end and we promise to teach you a thing or two. Let’s take a look.

1. Selling Sponsor Ads

Before we begin, you should know that the most important thing in E-Mail promoting is making a solid, quality list of E-Mail addresses of real users, and then improving and expanding it each day. To an agent of this kind, this is the most valuable weapon in the arsenal. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at the first method for today’s list.

If you have a well-done list of E-Mail addresses, and you manage to prove this to your sponsor, in each one of your mails that you send, you can add a short paragraph that can contain a link which will lead to the website of your sponsor. It’s even better if the content of the mail that you’re sending is similar to the product that you are trying to promote, just to keep things less obvious.

Not that there is anything wrong with sponsoring, but you don’t want to let your e-mail receivers know that you are sending them a mail strictly for that reason.

2. Advertise your products

The first and most obvious thing to do is to use the list that you’ve made to promote your products or services. You don’t have to send the same mail all the time, but you can notify your customers about certain actions, promotions, price decreases or bundles that you came up with lately.

You should know that the line between being a good marketer and being annoying is slim with this advertising method, so try to be careful with the content and the frequency. You can even send links to videos and other types of reports that will make the people subscribed to your list feel privileged, that’s always a great way of gaining trust and forming relationships. Anyways, advertising your products is probably the best way of earning, but it might be just a tad more difficult without using something like the famous klaviyo expert made available to you by this website.

3. Utilizing the “Thank You” page

If you’ve ever signed for a newsletter before, chances are that you were immediately redirected to a page that said something in the lines of “Thank you for subscribing, we are glad to make you a part of our team”. If so, you already know what a Thank You page is, and now it’s time to use yours to maximize profit.

Whenever someone gets redirected to a Thank You page, it can be either your page, or a page that’s on another’s company website. If it is on your page, and you have some advertisement going on, you immediately get revenue from that, and if it is another company’s page, for example, you’ll get paid for bringing some traffic to their site.

4. Promotions and Price Reductions

If a company knows that you have a well-built list of e-mails that you can use for a great purpose, they’ll ask you to make promotions for some of their products or services, and this can earn you some nice money if you do it right.

The promotions need to look as real as you can make them, and a very common trick that agents use is letting those who are subscribed to the newsletter think that they are the only ones getting the promotion, which in some cases is true, but not every time. It can be even more effective if you talk with the company and agree on adding a time-limited offer, just to make people buy faster.

There are tons of tricks that you can do, so feel free to use your creativity and marketing skills to come up with interesting promotional ideas.

5. Use something called a tripwire

The term tripwire is used to describe something that happens very frequently in the world of e-mail marketing. When someone signs up for your newsletter, you immediately pitch a promotional offer for them, but it should not exceed the price range of $10-$40, because it won’t be a tripwire if it does.

Even if the customer ends up unsubscribing immediately because of the offer, it doesn’t matter because of two reasons. One, you tried your chances of pitching something that might’ve worked, and two, they would’ve unsubscribed anyway after you send the first promotional mail. This helps you know immediately if a customer will stay or not.

If they end up buying the tripwire, however, according to statistics, that customer is about ten times more likely to purchase other things from you, and you might be very close to a long-term, long-lasting relationship with them.


E-Mail marketing is one of the most effective and powerful tools these days, and if you get good at it, you can collaborate with many successful companies as their main advertising agent. There are many methods and tricks that you can utilize to increase revenue, and they are not very hard to do, although a bit of practice will be more than welcome. Slowly building a quality list of e-mails is what matters the most if you are trying to become better at this profession.


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