3 Types of 3D Metal Business Signage to Use in Boosting Your Business’ Image

3D signs have already established their reputation of being effective in grabbing the public’s attention towards your business. This is why you need to take customization of your signage seriously because it can make or break your business’s image. Have no idea where to start? We’ll guide you through the entire process – from choosing the type of material to the layout, we got your back! Read through this article and take in all the details you would need.

Different Variations of 3D Signs

You probably know by now that there are various types of 3D signs out there today and this is the very reason why you have difficulties in choosing the right one for your business. But worry no more! We will be differentiating the available options for you to assess which is suitable for your establishment. The most common types are pin mounted, channel, and dimensional letter signs. However, we will also be discussing other types and it’s on you to figure out which is best.

Pin Mounted 3D Signs

These signs undergo different processes such as cutting, casting and molding before they are mounted on the exterior or interiors. Moreover, these are also versatile since they can be created with different materials such as plastic, acrylic, or metals like stainless steel, aluminum, or brass. This signage type is guaranteed for its durability. Compared to the mentioned materials, acrylic is mostly utilized because of its affordability and lightweight features. This also has a glass-like appearance which may trick you into thinking that it is a fragile material but it is rigid. Its lightweight characteristic allows it to be transported and mounted easily anywhere and everywhere in the establishment. Malleability is also a visible attribute of the material as it allows designers to cut and mold the material into letters and figures with ease. Due to the development of carbon dioxide lasers and computer-controlled machinery, cutting acrylic becomes much quicker, detailed and accurate. Furthermore, acrylic pin mounted signs can also last for many years depending on their maintenance.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Acrylic signs can be personalized with a more lively background. Choices can be opaque or translucent backgrounds coupled with customized graphics or patterns. The opaque is fitting as a foil for vivid and glossy colors on the front while the translucent one is perfect for illuminated letters matched with translucent icons. The downside with the acrylic pin mounted signs is that marks will be visible when scratched or shattered. It can also be cracked due to external factors such as unpredictable weather changes.

Channel 3D Signs

Quite similar to the pin mounted letter signs, the difference is that they can be illuminated by individually attaching LED lights at the back of the letters. While you have the option of attaching them outside your business or on the inside, you can also have these signs in freestanding positions for increased attention. If you are aiming for a more stylish and enthusiastic take on your signage, then this option is the right one for you.

With this sign, there are parts to consider when customizing your own channel signs. The parts to note are the face, back, return, and the lighting element. The face and back may either be made of aluminum or acrylic or you can also opt not to have these parts. Meanwhile, the return or letter sides, are purely made of aluminum sheeting. Channel letter signs have flexibility in their production as they can be created in various forms, shapes, and sizes.

3D Dimensional Letter Signs

There are various options for dimensional letter signs available. If you are looking for an elegant, polished finish, then the cut brass dimensional signs are the one. This is perfect for professional institutions and businesses dealing with formal matters. The bronze cut, on the other hand, is best for a timely and traditional appearance. You can opt to have the patina, oxidized or rustic finish. For a more corrosion-resistant selection, stainless steel qualifies such a requirement. Aluminum is the best-selling and cost-effective material for dimensional letter signs.

3D Signs in Logos

3D signs aren’t limited to your storefront signs or interior signage, they can also be displayed as your logo or brand. It is important to have a visible logo for better public awareness and brand recognition.

Why Choose 3D Signs for Your Business?

1. Increases dimension and emphasis

It is undoubtedly evident that 3D signs have done an excellent job in increasing business promotion and truly do silent marketing for you. It catches the attention of your target audience and piques their interest in knowing more about your services. With the right choice of 3D signs, you will surely gain new customers each day.

2. Displays attractiveness and creativity

Deciding the appropriate type of 3D signs would need much effort in deciding, experimenting with which materials match, the figures to create, and many more. The signs are not a mere display of capability for marketing but it also serves as a reminder of the brilliant minds that came up with its concept. Is the sign able to capture the essence of your business? How you conceptualize to match your services will be seen through the production of your signage.

3. Visible from afar

It is not all the time that your sign must be presentable only when the audience is near. It is also necessary that your sign is noticeable even from the farthest corners of your location. This is necessary for directional purposes, where people can easily locate your business and not waste their time looking for it. The more that it is required for you to have illuminated signs especially if your business operations include nighttime.


We have outlined the different information that is essential for you to know before commencing on picking the right type, styles, and concept for your 3d business sign. However, you would be needing professionals like who could lead you efficiently and effectively throughout the whole process of producing the sign of the highest quality. At ShieldCo, they are able to bring your ideas to reality and guarantee that they will be providing great value for the price you paid for their services. You can visit them at for more information.