40 Best 22nd Birthday Captions for Instagram

Birthday is a special occasion, because it is your start. It is a window to the opportunity of your whole life, the opportunity to satisfy all your distinct mission. If you want to celebrate the fruits of life, don’t forget to celebrate the tree that bears the fruits first, ie your birthday. A birthday is absolutely not just an occasion to get beautiful gifts and warm wishes. More importantly, it is a day to bear in mind that on this day a significant event happened to commemorate and appreciate, at the same time to demonstrate how well we are satisfying our duties.

Birthday is a milestone to reconsider your life, to review your goals, what achievement has been made, how far still left. When reaching your 22nd birthday, an extremely important time point in your life, you need a good caption to declare it to the world. Difficult to come up with or find a perfect caption? Don’t worry, we’ve listed below best 22nd birthday captions collected from Getchip to help you. They are really cute and funny.

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22nd birthday is even more meaningful than previous ones, because people reaching this age are believed to be capable enough to understand themselves, the society and take on larger responsibilities. This is the age when people can finally find for what they are born. For such an important day, you must spread it all over your social media to let the world know you are 22 now.

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Without further delay, let’s continue with the best 22nd birthday captions we compiled for you.

1. Cheers to my 22 years.
2. I don’t know how you feel, but I’m feeling 22.
3. Beginning from the bottom and now I am 22.
4. I do not take it as my 22nd birthday, I consider it as my first anniversary of being legit to buy wine.
5. Buddy, happy 22nd birthday to you, I wish you will have endless laughter from this special day.
6. I hope you’ll receive many gifts. But gifts won’t be able to make a 22-year-old happy any longer. But friends, I hope they will make your day today. Happy 22nd Birthday!
7. 22 candles shine wonderfully. But I’ll still be shining after I blow out the fires.
8. Happy 22nd Birthday to my angel. I’m so happy to have you as my future wife. I would like to show you to the world to prove to my friends that angels exist.
9. Happy 22nd Birthday to my lovely daughter. I know what it feels to be young and attractive. From now on boys of your age will stare you more. Keep shinning my daughter. Enjoy your day.
10. At 22, you may still hope to be young and save those happy childhood years, but don’t be confused by that feeling. Keep going on. Happy 22nd Birthday my daughter.
11. The only thing the comes to my ear is 22 beers.
12. 22 years ago right on this day, I was born kicking and crying. Amazing all went past so fast and smooth.
13. It’s my special day today. Beginning Chapter 22.
14. You are my angel and words fail to describe how much I love you. Nothing in the world can take your place. Happy 22nd Birthday my love. Stay blessed.
15. Congratulations! You’ve been through 22 years now.
16. I came into this world 22 years ago on this big day. But I’m ageless.
17. My 22nd birthday celebration starts right now.
18. On this meaningful day, someone lovely was born 22 years ago and that someone is just me. Happy birthday to myself.
19. It’s surely going to be fun after fun for me today because it’s birthday. Happy 22nd birthday to myself.
20. Today’s my 22nd birthday. I’m so glad and thankful for what I have today. Happy birthday!
21. A very happy 22nd birthday to you, a charming prince – me.
22. It’s my special day today, so let’s enjoy this fun party like never before. Happy 22nd birthday to my humble self.
23. Thank you, dear God for all the grace to me. Just have fun today! Happy 22nd birthday to my wonderful self.
24. 22 certainly looks good on me. Happy 22nd birthday to a fresh new self.
25. You know what looks good on me? 22 looks nice on me. Happy birthday to my pretty self.
26. I’m not one who would refuse a party! I’ve had enough single time, so today is the day when all are changed. Happy 22nd birthday, me!
27. On this day a Queen came into this globe. Happy 22nd!
28. Happy 22nd birthday to a pretty, kind, lovely, brave yet naughty girl – me.
29. It’s time to drink some wine; it’s my birthday today. Happy 22nd birthday to a new me.
30. I will enjoy this special day to the utmost because it only happens once. Happy 22nd birthday!
31. It took 22 years for me to get this pretty.
32. Calm down, it’s my 22nd Birthday.
33. Becoming 22 and suddenly all the teenagers seem like 12.
34. Happy 22nd birthday to my most loyal friend, myself. I hope you’re doing great today!
35. I feel so wonderful today, it’s my birthday. Finally I’m 22 and this is the best year ever!
36. I am 22 now and I am acquainted with so many reasons to smile!
37. I am becoming better and better each day and here comes another year of living myself to the fullest. Happy 22nd birthday, me!
38. Happy birthday, my love! It’s your 22nd year today and I wish you a happy day.
39. Wow, kind of shocking it’s been another year already since my last birthday. Time flies by so fast and now I am 22-year-old!
40. Happy birthday to son. It seems just a minute for you to get 22.

22 is sometimes the most ignored birthday. You might have simply commemorated 21 the former year, or 18 after graduating from high school and entering adulthood. But when being 22, you may find it too mature already to have a celebration.

However, each of your birthday as well as birthday of your loved ones deserves a big celebration, especially the most milestone one – 22nd birthday.

So guys, grab a wine, eat some cake and get started to celebrate your 22nd birthday with these 22nd birthday captions.

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