2021 Ford Puma is becoming real

It has been announced that Ford is planning to back Puma name into life and that this name would be used on crossovers that would actually have its base in the design of Ford Fiesta.


During the previous months and years, it has been speculated that Ford is planning and working on the release of a brand new crossover that would be a sub-compact one. However, all the speculations predicted that the crossover would have its design based on the already existing EcoSport.



The company has decided to release a teaser about the new unit and it only showed us that ford Puma would have a very similar design to the latest version of Fiesta. It should be also said that Fiesta is not present in the USA market anymore, and this may mean that Puma would be made for the European market only.


The speculations about the brand new Puma tell us that the engine that the manufacturer would use would be a 1.0 liter one that would have three cylinders and the capacity to provide 153 horsepower. The manufacturer has also decided to go for the hybrid version as well.


Urban design

The overall design behind all this tells us that new Puma would actually be made as an urban crossover. The company has also announced that it would slightly move from sedans to crossovers.

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